Extra Two Weeks Added to 1.3 Beta Cycle

by ASA DOTZLER | With the holiday slowdown and a couple of important changes not quite ready yet we've decided to add some extra time into the schedule. We've added 2 additional weeks to the Mozilla 1.3 beta cycle. This will be reflected in the roadmap document at <> as soon as I can make that happen.

We had been planning to freeze for 1.3 beta on January 8th. That freeze date has been moved to January 22nd and all future targets have been adjusted by two weeks as well. This pushes the 1.3 final freeze out to February 12th with a Mozilla 1.3 release sometime around February 21st if all goes well.

As always, that's an "ideal release date" and we may take more time if we need it. So if you're planning on using Mozilla 1.3 code in some other project and that date is critical to your schedule then you should be in close communication with sooner rather than later.

Happy holidays,


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