Contest: Design a Better Sound for Type Ahead Find

by AARON LEVENTHAL | The file notfound.wav, which is currently used when a user types something that isn't found, is terrible. I've heard nothing good about it — but I have heard that it sounds like a bodily function. It also has a bit of static when played on a Mac. I'm not a sound engineer and shouldn't have tried to be one. We need a better sound!

Attach your original .wav files to bug 185905 (MIME type = audio/wav), or link to a .wav file in your comment. If it's chosen, your sound will be heard by millions around the world! Remember, this has to be a pretty short sound, no bigger than 5-10k. It has to be original, because anything else will violate the Mozilla Public License.

Contest ends January 2, 2002.

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