Mozilla Developer Day at FOSDEM 2003

by KAI ENGERT | The next Mozilla Developer Days will take place:
8. & 9. Feb. 2003 in Brussels @ FOSDEM

Thanks a lot to the FOSDEM team who allow us to be a part of their event. Please see for more details about the location and about what FOSDEM is and what it is all about.

Brian King and myself are volunteering to organize the Mozilla portion of the event.

We would like to hear from you if you plan to attend the free Mozilla sessions. When you send us mail, you may optionally also include a brief paragraph about what portions of the Mozilla code you are extending or working with, or what project you are using Mozilla for. (If you send us such a paragraph, you are granting us permission to publish your name and the short paragraph on the website.)

You might want to subscribe yourself to the mailing lists at and/or

Call for speakers

The success of the meeting depends on your contribution!

If you have insights about a portion of the Mozilla project that you want to share with others, please consider giving a talk! If you are thinking about it, please contact Brian King and myself to discuss your ideas.


The exact details are not yet known, but will be announced on the pages at a later time. Watch out for the forthcoming section "Brussels 2003".

Besides people giving talks, we will be running two "special" sessions.

We will have an initial session, where people working with Mozilla sources can get acquainted with each other. In that session, people who are interested (and have said so in advance by mail) can give a short 5-10 minutes introduction to their particular interest about the Mozilla project, and possibly a brief high level summary about the module or project they are working on. We are yet unsure whether we will have enough time for such a session, though.

In addition we will be having a workshop or tutorial, where we help curious developers to get started with writing code for the Mozilla project, giving an overview, and answering questions. In such a session, several Mozilla hackers could be present, in the hope we would be able to cover a broad area of possible questions. We wonder whether this should be done as part of the FOSDEM tutorials track.

Feedback on these ideas is welcomed.

We look forward to meeting you!

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