Mozilla 1.3 Alpha Just Around the Corner

by ASA DOTZLER | Mozilla 1.3alpha opened for checkins on November 5th. In the last month we've seen some great new features land, especially in mail and news. In addition to these mail features we've taken fixes for about 850 bugs or around +69314/59936 lines changed.

The tree moved under driver controls this Wednesday morning and we've since taken fixes associated with about 25 bugs (+2627/1892 Lines changed). We're down to the last couple of alpha blocking bugs and expect to have something ready for release early in the week.

We need your help testing the latest nightly builds to make sure we haven't missed any terrible regressions, crashers or dataloss bugs. If you know of any of these bugs please let know by nominating the bug as a blocker for the alpha release.

You nominate a bug by setting the "blocking1.3a" flag to "?". If drivers agree that it should block the Mozilla 1.3alpha release then they will set the flag to "+" and if they're not going to hold the release for that particular problem they will mark it with a "-" flag.

This is an alpha release and we're not trying to fix every known bug. The plan is to make sure that folks can test these builds without fear of dataloss or the kind of major functional regression that makes it too unpleasant to test. Please keep that in mind when nominating bugs as release blockers in this cycle.

The areas that could really use your testing are all the new mail features (spam filtering, improved message filters, mail threadpane views, quicksearch, and newsgroup filtering), general page layout so hit all your favorite sites and maybe some sites you don't normally visit, and all the regular browser functionality.

If all goes well we'll have a Mozilla 1.3 alpha release early next week and get the tree opened to all the wonderful 1.3 beta cycle changes.

Drivers are going to insert an extra 10 days into the beta cycle to pad some for the holidays and I'll update the roadmap to reflect this as soon as I get a free minute. This will give us a little more time on the other side of the new year to ramp down to the 1.3 beta release.


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