Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Linky Update (Easy access to open links and pictures on webpages)
by Henrik Gemal

Linky version 1.1.0 released! The new version:
  • Opens all links in a selection in new tabs or windows
  • Finds and opens link in plain text in a new tab or window
  • Opens all links on page in new tabs or windows
  • Open all links that appears to be linking to an image in new tabs or windows
  • Shows all links that appears to be linking to an image in one new tab or window
  • Open all links that appears to be linking to an image in one new tab or window
Check out the project site for more information.

Composite Update (An addon to allow rich text editing for textareas)
by Andy Edmonds

Composite is in a holding pattern with Mozilla 1.2's changed to the Editor API. We've had several volunteers to join the development group and hope to have a new release by year's end.

Diggler Update (A set of URL manipulation utilities for power users)
by Adam Lock

I've just released Diggler 0.4 which fixes some issues with text-only toolbar mode in 1.2, adds a Diggler prefs panel and a "Open new tab" menu item.

EvangelMoz Update (Helping to evangelize the Mozilla project)
by Robert J. Accettura

For the EvangelMoz project I am currently working on a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the advantages of Mozilla to organizations. I plan to release what I have completed on or about Dec. 16. Far from finished, but for the project to continue.

MozBlog Update (Mozilla -> Blogger component)
by Mike Lee

New version of MozBlog (v6.12) is out. This version have revamp the previous post view. Since it's not yet documented and I'm going to be away until early next year a brief description of it's usage (simple really) is given below.

When ever you want to create a new post you click on the "New Post" button on the right side of the MozBlog panel. It'll create a new entry for you, when you done you just click publish to let the whole world know what you just wrote. You can create multiple new entries, great for those post you want to put off to later date. In the future I want the "New Post" to actually post to Blogger server without publish, but this creates bandwidth issues and not all weblog server software follows this model.

This release should also work with nightlies and hopefully Mozilla 1.3a. Check the change log on the MozBlog installation page to check what else has been done since you last used it. :)

NeedleSearch Update (Enables users to add/delete own search engines)
by Eelco van Kuik

NeedleSearch 1.1 has been launched with lots of new features. By installing the NeedleSearch Toolbar it is possible to add and use virtually all your search engines from this toolbar. You do this by making it a bookmark and use this in combination with a textbox. You can use it for your phone directory, domain searches, whatever website you use to search.

One of the exciting new features is the 'Auto-add' option. Pressing this button and submitting the word 'NeedleSearch' with the search engine you would like to add to the toolbar is all it takes to add a new search engine. The current record holder is Thomas Wermter with 91 entries!

Thanks to Ronny Steiner the NeedleSearch toolbar is now available in German as well and there are more translations on the way. If you would like to translate it: have a look at the website for more information.

For the curious persons that would like to know in which direction this project is moving: I included a roadmap as well.

I certainly hope that this will help you in your search for the needle in the internet haystack.

Xprint Update (The X11 print system)
by Roland Mainz

Xprint version 007 released! The new release includes:
  • Automatic configuration and lookup of available local and remote printers (which works with all spooler systems on all Unix/Linux platforms, including CUPS, LPRng, AIX, *BSD, HP-UX, Solaris, etc.)
  • Support for (per-printer/per-locale/per-server/etc.) custom printer configurations (incl. values like list of available paper sizes, trays, orientations, fonts, resolutions etc.)
  • Support for printing MathML
  • Support for printing with any fonts supported by the X11 subsystem (e.g. PS Type1, PCF, BDF, etc. (TrueType support is implemented in 008 builds)), enabling applications to print languages and scripts like Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Indic (Devanagari, Tamil, etc.), Japanese, Korean, Polish, etc.
  • Support for printing on printers that do not have the required fonts installed (e.g. automated font download)
  • Support for very flexible, fine-grained central and/or per-user configuration (e.g. per-user, per-machine, per-network, per-locale etc.)
  • Support for localisation (l10n) and locale-specific preferences (for example: en_US locale uses US Letter as default paper size, de_DE uses DIN-A4 etc.)

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