Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Preferentia Update (GUI interface to view & edit all Mozilla prefs)
by Stephen Bounds

Version 0.1 of Preferential has been released. Preferential provides a tree-based GUI interface to the complete set of Mozilla preferences. Hopefully this will make viewing and modifying those 'hidden' preferences much easier. Visit the project site for more information.

XPointerLib Update (XPointer JavaScript components)
by Doug Daniels

XPointerLib is a project providing XPointer support for Mozilla / Netscape 7. It is an XPCOM service written in JavaScript that creates and resolves a subset of the XPointer language.

MOJI Update (Lecture guides for kanji in Japanese web pages)
by Erwan Loisant

MOJI is a project to enrich Japanese web pages for a better readability to foreign Japanese learners. Japanese language includes Chinese characters or kanji, quite complicated characters where one character represent one idea, or one word. Since there are several thousands of kanji, and one kanji can have several lectures according its place in a word, mastering kanji is a difficult part of Japanese learning. MOJI proposes to add small characters on the top of kanji to indicate the prononciation, called lecture guides or Ruby, making browsing of Japanese pages easier.

MozNotes Update (A plugin for scribbling down sticky-notes in Mozilla)
by David McNamara

MozNotes is a plugin for Mozilla for scribbling down 'sticky' or 'postit' notes. The project is loosely modelled on KNotes. We're still at an early stage of development, but check out the latest source code or screenshots to see where the project is heading. There is also an XPI of version 0.2 available for installation.

Games Update (Mozilla-based gaming projects)
by David McNamara

Installers have been created for all the games on, so it is now possible to download and install the games on your local machine as well as playing them online. When the game XPI (cross platform installer) file is installed, the game will appear in your 'Tools' menu. Links and full instructions are available for each game on the Games project site.

IconPacks Update (Mozilla icon packs)
by Chris Neale

The IconPacks project is hosting a mirror of a very popular Phoenix icon site (which is/was so popular it exceeded its bandwidth). The mirror is at

CaScadeS Update (A stylesheet editor for Composer)
by Daniel Glazman

Here is the latest update for CaScadeS:
  • CaScadeS 0.3.0 is now available in XPI form
  • better support for -moz-opacity
  • fixes support for line-height; b=169362
  • SerializeExternalSheet was using unefficient code; b=168755
  • prepares @page support, related to implem did by rods and myself in bug 115199
  • fixed border support
  • added support for !important declarations (but please see bug 178668)
  • fixed volume support; b=169363
  • prepares support for CSS level and browsers compatiblity (be able to say e.g. I want styles CSS 2 accepted by both NS4 and Opera 5)
  • adds support for moving rules inside and between stylesheets, and support for stylesheet reordering
  • removed JS warnings
  • faster and more efficient code in stylesheets tree refresh

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