200,000 Bug Sweepstake

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Bugzilla is approaching 200,000 bugs and so it's again time for a sweepstake. The instructions are simple:

Please mail with the date and time of when exactly you think bug number 200,000 is going to be filed in It should be the first line of your email, and formatted as follows:

2002-11-01 10:15:36 <>

The timezone to use is Bugzilla time — currently PST. In other words, the timestamp, as displayed, of bug 200,000 will decide the winner.

The prize is a limited-edition Mozilla 1.0 commemorative CD, with large red lizard on the front. This is the last one I have, and is bound to increase in value over the years. After all, code ages like wine, right?

If no-one gets it exactly, the prize will go to whoever is closest. The deadline for entries is 12 noon PST on Thursday 14th November — two weeks from today (well, two weeks from last Thursday Ed).

You are allowed to file bugs at particular times to manipulate the result if and only if you honestly believe they are valid bug reports. :-)

Let the guessing begin!


Reference: 100,000 bug sweepstake (won by Niko Pavlicek)

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