Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

XP Server Update (Apache/XPCOM based app server)
by Jon Smirl

XP Server is an app server based on XPCOM and Apache. Requests are made to the Apache server and handled by a module. The module reads XML template files and then uses XPCOM to create a SAX chain of components to handle the request. Components can be written in C, Java, or Javascript. There are existing components for XML, XSLT, 3D charting, GD graphics, FOP to PDF and database integration. XP Server was originally written for a dotcom venture that didn't make it, the code has been donated to and it's looking for new owners.

NeedleSearch Update (Enables users to add/delete own search engines)
by Eelco van Kuik

NeedleSearch enables you to add and delete search engines to the NeedleSearch Toolbar. In the preferences window you can insert your own favorite search engines. This way, you can add the search engine you use a lot but are not incorporated on any other bar. Anybody could do it, and the creative user can think of more ways to use it than just search engines. This should make your search for the needle in the haystack a lot easier! Where did I get the idea? Well, I always had the problem that I wanted to search in more engines than I wanted bars in my browser, so I therefore wrote this application. The present bar is a great start, and there are already lots of ideas for more features that should be on the bar. Keep track of the project homesite for the latest information.

Uzilla Update (Commercial service for usability testing)
by Andy Edmonds

Uzilla, a rare commerical project in the mozdev space, has gone 1.0. This sets the stage for the "A Day in the Life" study. Participants will be asked to spend a day using an instrumented version of Mozilla that records their UI and WWW operations. The resulting dataset, following an anonymization process, will be open to qualified requests for general research purposes. Sign up at For, this project should serve to provide feedback on the utilization of features and optimality (or lack thereof) of the UI organization.

Optimoz Update (Optimizations, including gestures, for the Mozilla browser)
by Andy Edmonds

Following a very nice mention at, the Optimoz project has released a prelimenary version of the Gestures add-on supporting Opera style chorded (dual mouse button) gestures. Other new features include gestures for Mail (!) and a new chrome based Sidebar that provides a legend that's always in synch with your customizations. This version also includes logging of gesture usage to your prefs datastore. A future release will allow you to send this information to Optimoz so that we can optimize our default gestures.

Radial Context, by Jens Tinz, also has a recent 1.0rc release. This is a pie menu replacement for the context menu, offering the quick execution of gestures with easier learning through a built in on screen legend. The new version is beautifully styled and is a definite competitor to gestures — though both can be used simultaneously.

Annozilla Update (Sidebar interface with an annotation server)
by Matthew Wilson

The next couple of days should see the 0.3.5 release of Annozilla. This is largely a compatibility release for users of Mozilla 1.2 beta, but all users are encouraged to upgrade, as it also fixes a bug whereby annotations would arbitrarily not be displayed. Check the Annozilla front page to see if the release is out yet.

Development and testing on the 0.4 release is still continuing. There are screenshots available if you want to see what it'll look like. I've also made a start on adding some Phoenix screenshots here.

Beonex Update (Internet client software suite targetted at end-users)
by Ben Bucksch

Here is the latest on Beonex:

  • Beonex Communicator 0.8.1 runs on Mac OS X now, with a binary. (Zach Lipton)
  • Beonex Communcator now has an official FreeBSD port. (Trevor Johnson)
  • We moved to a new server. (Ben Bucksch)
  • As a part of that, uploaded some developer documentation. (Ben Bucksch)
  • Started to track Beonex(-only) tasks in mozdev's BugZilla. (All)
In progress
  • Somewhat inspired by the discussion around Phoenix, I stripped down the Mozilla FE to adapt it for newcomers' needs (think AOL customers). Just for fun for now. See the description and screenshots. Feedback welcome. (Ben Bucksch)
  • Working on a new website. (Holger Metzger, Boris Roland)

TagZilla Update (A tagline insertion and management system)
by David Perry

TagZilla 0.030 is out. It addresses the bug that broke file selection in Mozilla 1.2b and Phoenix 0.3.

... I made this update just so I could use this tagline.

Themes Update (Theme hosting for Mozilla)
by Chris Neale

The Themes project has added a Phoenix themes section.

mozdev Update (Mozilla-based project hosting site)
by David Boswell

We have just created a new general list. This can be used for conversations about mozdev, mozilla or any other topics that aren't specific to any one project. We have also recently updated our Frequently Asked Questions page. If there are any useful questions that are missing from this page, send me an email.

MultiZilla Update (Tab-based browsing feature for Mozilla)
by HJ van Rantwijk

Well, what do you need? MultiZilla is smaller, only 235Kb now, and faster than ever before. Most of the anoying bugs are now fixed and we have some new features added. One of the new things is the AutoReload tab feature, to reload tabs after say every 30 seconds.

Drag and Drop is so cool now. We've improved it so that you can, swap, move, copy, duplicate, reorder tabs the way you like. A middle click on the tabstrip now opens a new tab. You can open new tabs where you like them most, start/end of tabstrip, at the left/right side of the tab. New prefs are added, to make it even more flexible.

We will try, must be possible, to get the new release of MultiZilla ready for this weekend. However, the Mac version needs more love so that will take some extra time.

We (Raj mostly) also worked on improvements for the website. Download and install MultiZilla now, in case you didn't like it before, you will now. We also worked on a very small but important fix for the Side Navigation Toolbar. What is it? You will find out right after the installation. Have fun.

What's next? That must be our new pref system, to replace the mozilla pref panels. Wack those panels, say goodbye to them. It will rock! Trust us.

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