Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Themes Update (Theme Hosting for Mozilla)
by Chris Neale

The Themes project has been updated and is now under new management. The site has been improved to make it easier to find the right theme for the right version of Mozilla or Netscape. Currently new submissions are on hold until new functionality is put in place that will make adding a theme to the project a simpler process.

PolMoz Update (Start pages for Mozilla in Polish)
by Marek A. Stepien

The new PolMoz project's aim is to translate Mozilla start pages into Polish. We have already translated Mozilla 1.0's start page.

Aphrodite Update (Alternative Mozilla user interface project)
by Pete Collins

Aphrodite should work now with new Mozilla builds and with Phoenix. Read the notes on the install page for more information.

I've just been stripping Aphrodite down preparing it for a ground up scrubbing and revision. The fundamentals and current architecture will remain in tact. It is a pleasure to come back to clean and logically designed code written over two years ago and pick up where I left off. Don't expect anything miraculous, instead some brief spurts of pragmatic and extemporaneous expenditures from time to time.

It has been so long since I worked on this project, it seems fresh and somewhat intriguing again. I have been developing and running Aphrodite using Phoenix.

Tagzilla Update (A tagline insertion and management system)
by David Perry

TagZilla 0.029 is out. No new features, just bugfixes, and Phoenix support. Yes, Phoenix! Now you can steal taglines, stick them in text boxes, and copy them to your clipboard from the speedy Phoenix web browser. Enjoy!

... Hey, this isn't my tagline! Who put this here?

Kiosk Update (A kiosk style Mozilla browser)
by Jim Massey

The Kiosk browser is a customizable modular web browser that is implemented in XUL and JavaScript. Made to be locked down — no popup menus. There are several prebuilt kiosk chromes included. Overlay modules include a virtual keyboard for touchscreen/pointer-only environments, reset after a period of inactivity, session bookmarks, Italian and German localizations, various throbbers, over 20 installable modules. Kiosk skins include intl-skin, italian-skin, ntu-skin and the standard kiosk skin. Also included are locked down Save As and Print dialogs to replace those supplied with Mozilla (dialogs tested with Mozilla 0.9.9 and 1.0).

Also at the Kiosk site is a sub-project — AggreGator toolbar. AggreGator toolbar is a remote XUL toolbar application that has XPI install and slideshow functions. Just set a few preferences and a remote XUL toolbar is generated no XUL required! Very useful for quickly and easily pulling together and aggregating information resources from a variety of locations and organizing Mozilla application project documentation. If you visit you will be using the AggreGator toolbar. Find out more about the AggreGator toolbar here.

MultiZilla Update (First tabbed browser add-on for Mozilla based browsers)
by HJ van Rantwijk

We released MultiZilla 1.1.22 on October 13 and it can be installed from our installation page.

A lot of bugs are fixed in this MultiZilla release and a list of them can be found on our news page.

New features, most of them for the bookmarks menus, are added. We didn't have time to update our Release and Feature pages, but that's something Raj (the webmaster) and HJ (main developer/project lead) will probably finish later this week.

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