Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Securita Update (Word filter for Mozilla)
by Robert J. Accettura

The Securita project has just released a second concept of the SDAT Specifications. We are now looking for comments for improvement, and anyone interested in programming for the Securita project.

uabar Update (User-agent toolbar)
by David Illsley

Recently there have been a few requsts for more UA strings but the number needs to be kept under control. I'm looking into ways of allowing the strings to be more easily customized.

And on the subject of customization I have knocked the uabar into shape for use in Phoenix so it can be placed anywhere in the UI which Phoenix allows — no need to take up a whole toolbar anymore!! See the uabar project for more details.

Mycroft Update (Adding search engines to the Search tab of the Sidebar)
by Ricky Iseli

Mycroft provides over 180 search engines for your Sidebar. It's hard to keep them up to date, as websites constantly change their code. We are looking especially for a maintainer of all the Japanese plugins. Anyone interested?

In the past 3 months, we've updated a lot of plugins, we've worked behind the scenes to make our tasks easier and a lot of new pages have seen the light.

Check out our detailed status report if you want to know more.

Datafy Update (Useful Ruby script)
by Eric Hodel

While this isn't a Mozilla project, I thought this would be useful for developers who are working on Mozilla projects. I have expanded my Datafy Ruby script that creates RFC 2397 data: URLs to be able to download a web page and:
  • turn <a href="..."> from a relative URL to an absolute URL
  • turn <link href="..."> into a data: URL
  • turn <img src="..."> into a data: URL
  • process style sheets turning url(...) into a data: URL recursively
I am currently working on <object>, <applet>, <param> and <script> elements, and will be improving the parsing to handle single and unquoted attributes.

You can find more info about datafy.rb and download it here.

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