New Mailing List for Announcing API Changes

by DOUG TURNER | We have created a new mailing list that is meant to be a low volume notification of API changes. Gecko embedders and component developers are encouraged to sign up so that they may receive these notifications.

You should receive mail when an interface goes from UNDER_REVIEW to FROZEN. You may also receive mail when an interface is being reviewed (e.g. An interface goes from experimental to UNDER_REVIEW).

I ask all those involved in the API freezing process use this mailing list to notify embedders and components developers. You may post to this mailing list by sending me or Juan <> an email.

Please keep in mind that discussions regarding an interface should take place in the appropriate newsgroup(s). This mailing list is meant as a one-way notification.

To sign up to this mailing list, send mail to with the subject of "subscribe". For more information about various newsgroups, see

Doug Turner

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