mozdev Celebrates Second Anniversary

by DAVID BOSWELL | mozdev celebrates its 2nd anniversary this month. Although we can't recall the exact date the site was launched in September 2000, at least we got the month right (unlike last year).

Over the last two years the site has been growing steadily. In 2000 there were a few thousand page views a day, in 2001 the traffic slowly increased, and near the end of 2002 (first half, second half) the site has been getting a few million page views a month. This past August saw a tenfold increase in page views over August 2001 (3.7 million vs. 361,415).

We're working on a number of infrastructure projects to make the site more useful, reliable, and responsive. Please check back often for updates or subscribe to (a low traffic read-only list, not open to public posting).

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of the site, especially all you project owners. Without projects like yours, Mozilla would be just another Web browser. Also a word of thanks to our supporters, many of whom donated critically need bandwidth just in time.

mozdev is supported by a skeleton crew of volunteers. Anyone out there who is interested to help build and maintain this high-profile community site, please send a note to We're in need of all types, including Unix sysadmins, programmers, writers, testers, you name it.

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