Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Composite Update (An addon to allow rich text editing for textareas)
by Andy Edmonds

Composite is a new project by Andy Edmonds (Optimoz) and Eric Hodel (Livelizard) that enables Composer based editing for textareas. You can add links, table, and formatting (optionally with CSS) in the WYSWIG editor popup. Preferences allow you to add a "Edit with Composite" button beneath textareas or you may invoke the editor with Ctrl-E (Cmd-E on Mac). This is a great chance to check out the Composer functionality and an alternative to all of those IE only rich text editors.

The project has moved along very rapidly and is very usable in the current v0.0.5. Thanks to Scott Johnson ( for providing financial incentive to get this done.

Themes Update (Theme hosting for Mozilla)
by John Dobbins

I'm afraid I'll have to place the mozdev Themes project up for adoption. I have picked up a freelance job in addition to my day job, and I'm working 16 to 18 hours a day, including weekends, and simply don't have the time to maintain it. Software you are getting paid to work on takes precedance over free software. If someone would like to take over the project, please contact me.

Games Update (Mozilla-based gaming projects)
by David McNamara

I've given the Mozilla gaming site a bit of an overhaul. I've redesigned the homepage, updated the old games to work with 1.0, and added a couple of new games. All the games are available to play online, and I'll be adding installers shortly. There are a couple of more games in the pipeline, so check back soon.

Bitflux Editor Update (XML Editor)
by Brian King

Bitflux is an XML editor, recently made open source under The Apache Software License. It is designed to run in the browser, and to be browser independent. Currently, however, it runs only in Mozilla due to its cross-platform support and good record with Web standards. The latest Mozilla build supported is 1.1.

It is designed to work like a word processor and is usable on XML/XHTML documents. XML, XSLT and CSS are used for rendering and the functionality is almost entirely written in JavaScript. Features include an editing toolbar, the local saving of a file being worked on, customisation of XML tags, and support for special characters.

For more information, head on over to the website where you can read testimonials, see screenshots, try out a demo, and find all the necessary developer resources you need if you want to become involved. Note that if you do try it out, caret browsing has to be turned on in the browser (F7).

TagZilla Update (A tagline insertion and management system)
by David Perry

TagZilla is up to version 0.025. Here are some of the key features that have appeared since the last announcement here on MozillaZine:
  • Huge performance increase for loading/saving/sorting large tagline files
  • Support for multi-line taglines
  • Per-email-account settings for using taglines
  • Press Ctrl-T within a textbox to insert a tagline
...A Tagline is a terrible thing to waste.

Livelizard Update (A LiveJournal compatible client)
by Eric Hodel

Livelizard has reached 1.7, and works with all versions of Mozilla. Unfortunately, view source is broken, and there are reports that it does not work with DeadJournal.

Diggler Update (A set of URL manipulation utilities for power users)
by Adam Lock

Diggler 0.3 has been released. I've added a menu item to toggle the popup window blocking pref so it can be conveniently changed from the dropdown instead of rooting around in the advanced prefs dialog.

MultiZilla Update (Tab-based browsing feature for Mozilla)
by Rajnish Bhaskar

Here's the latest on MultiZilla:
  • MultiZilla now has a spiffy auto-update feature that automatically lets you know when an update is available
  • There is a new option to View Source in a tab instead of a window
  • Can now add the QuickPrefs to either the Personal Toolbar or the Navigation Toolbar as well as/instead of the MultiZilla toolbar
  • You can now specifiy a minimum as well as maxium size for a tab
  • Many, many bug fixes since the last update (we are now at v1.1.21)
  • Integrated GoogleBox will be coming soon (we promise!)

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