Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

XULmine Update (XUL-based Minesweeper game)
by Neil Rashbrook

The latest installable version of XULmine has been added to the mozdev mirrors and is now available for download.

CaScadeS Update (A stylesheet editor for Composer)
by Daniel Glazman

Here is the latest on CaScadeS:
  • Preparing CaScadeS' landing into Mozilla tree under mozilla/extensions/editor/cascades after staff's approval; this is covered by bug 161663. It will remain out of the default build for the moment but a make into that directory will add CaScadeS to Composer. When that's done, it will live under Tools > CSS Editor new menu item instead of the current Extensions menu.
  • Worked on export of an embedded stylesheet to local filesystem!! Works just fine! This allows to create, from Composer, a stylesheet that a whole set of documents can attach. Was users' feedback item #1 about CaScadeS :-)
  • Working on a workaround for async stylesheet loading: when the network answers slowly, the sheets tree is correctly updated.
  • Filed bug 166166 which has a bad side effect on CaScadeS: it is impossible to attach a stylesheet local to the filesystem to a new document before the document is saved. Nothing I can do about it for the moment.

Securita Update (Word filter for Mozilla)
by Robert J. Accettura

Securita is actively looking for programmers/scripters with JavaScript, C++ and Mozilla experience.

Beonex Update (Internet client software suite targetted at end-users)
by Ben Bucksch

Here is the latest on Beonex:

  • Version 0.8.1 (based on Mozilla 1.0.1) and version 0.9-pre (based on Mozilla 1.1) done.
  • Linux builds uploaded.
  • Source code is on's CVS now, as branches BEONEX_0_8_BRANCH and BEONEX_0_9_BRANCH. Thanks to, this makes collaboration so much easier now. Everybody is welcome to build and/or distribute Beonex Communicator.
  • I am working on roaming implementation (transfer bookmarks etc. to/from server, like 4.x did) and a very rough version works.
  • Netscape 7.0 is out, 1.0.1 due soon, but no Windows build for corresponding 0.8.1 yet.
  • David Hallowell (who usually builds on Windows) has hardware problems.
  • The usual stuff.

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