Mozilla 1.0.1 and 1.1 Release Candidates

by ASA DOTZLER | We've got Mozilla 1.0.1 pretty much where we want it. Today we're posting 1.0.1 release candidate builds. We think that these builds will prove themselves in more widespread testing and will not require significant changes to become the 1.0.1 final builds later this month. The 1.0.1 release candidate builds also give our localization and theme contributors a couple weeks head start in getting their work ready in time for the 1.0.1 final release. To give these test builds a spin visit

We're also wrapping up Mozilla 1.1. Our 1.1alpha and 1.1beta releases helped identify a number of important bugs that are now all fixed, and we're testing builds that we hope will become our final Mozilla 1.1 release early next week. You can help us test these 1.1 candidate builds by grabbing your particular binary flavor from If you find something that should be a show-stopper for 1.1 please email


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