Mozilla Branches for 1.1

by ASA DOTZLER | We've branched for Mozilla 1.1. The branch name is MOZILLA_1_1_BRANCH. Instructions for pulling and checking into this branch will be appearing shortly at the 1.1 Branch Tinderbox page.

The plan is to continue taking fixes for bugs which are high-impact and low-risk until we have something good enough to call Mozilla 1.1. We're very close to that now.

To see the list of bugs for which drivers are actively soliciting fixes check out the "make Mozilla 1.1 not suck" tracking bug.

Yes, this does means that the 1.2alpha trunk is open. No drivers' approval required, just r= and sr=.

For Mozilla 1.2 we again have three development periods: alpha, beta and final. To ensure that we nail our 1.2 branching schedule we need to make sure that all of the heavy lifting lands in 1.2alpha leaving only cleanup and polish for the beta and final cycles. If you've got heavy lifting or other high-risk changed get them on the landing plan now.

--Asa (on behalf of drivers)

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