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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

TagZilla Update (A tagline insertion and management system)
by David Perry

Relive the phenomenon of taglines that went hand-in-glove with BBS mail networks! TagZilla lets you add a tagline (a random joke, fact or other witticism) to the end of your email messages, or copy it to your clipboard for pasting into (for example) a Web forum post. Manage multiple tagline files, and control how the tagline appears. Collect and share the best taglines you can find!

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XULMine Update (XUL-based Minesweeper game)
by Neil Rashbrook

I've just uploaded a new XULmine.xpi to the XULMine installation page. Try out the latest installable version, or play the online version.

Securita Update (Content filter for Mozilla)
by Robert J. Accettura

Securita is a open source project with the goal of providing the first truly effective content filter for use with Mozilla and Netscape. Securita is different than most other content filters because it is based upon open source and is extremely flexible. Using SDAT, an open standard, no longer must a user rely on someone with different beliefs to create a filter. A user or organization can create a filter to meet their needs. SDAT is a dialect of XML used by Securita as a database of words and/or URL's to watch out for. SDAT is an open standard maintained by The Securita Project for use by Securita.

We are currently working to create a usable version of SDAT. The latest theory version is at:

It is by no means final, but just a general theory.

BrowserG! Update (A powerful Java web system that enhances Mozilla)
by Jeet Shahani

BrowserG! 1.03 beta has been released. So far we have had 42,000 downloads and counting. Congratulations to all who have contributed to the BrowserG! effort. Check out the new features below:

  • Developers can now develop their own Sidebars for BrowserG! in Java.
  • *New* look to the sidebar. Added functionality for users to be able to read complete url's in Flags and History with a single click or drag.
  • Added the *new* CalculatorG! with ticker tape add on. Also added calculator button to Favorite toolbars.
  • Users can also configure links in Favorite toolbars to their choice of websites. This can be accessed by clicking on the "Edit Favorate Button" option from wither NetStart or "Customize" menu option.
  • Changed "Manager Setup" to Customize menu option under NetStart and Menu.
  • Upgraded to JDK 1.3.1 with install from JDK 1.3.0_03.

Lets have some fun.

Beonex Update (Internet client software suite targetted at end-users)
by Ben Bucksch

Here is the latest on the Beonex project:


  • Prepared a 0.8.1 based on Mozilla 1.0.1
  • Reinstalled Linux release build machine, which I accidently foobared in the 0.8 release frenzy.
  • Integrated David Einstein's Spellchecker (yeah! :-) ) to ship directly with Beonex Communicator and work out-of-the-box. Works on Linux; prepared, but uncertain for Windows.
  • Bernd Dittmann volunteered to help with the project (welcome on board! :-) ) and to do PR (get press attention)


  • Release 0.8.1 at the same time as Mozilla 1.0.1
  • Have Spellchecker and per-app icons on Windows work out-of-the-box


  • No ETA for Mozilla 1.0.1
  • Windows
    • David Hallowell moved recently and thus still has no internet access. Appearantly, Telcos suck all over the world. :-)
    • Simon Lucy, who is the "backup" builder, has build problems
    • Timely release of 0.8.1 and integration of spellchecker thus in danger
  • It's hard to build on Linux with minimal size, but working on all (used) distros. Dependency problems keep to plague.
  • Spellchecker still has crashes, need to report them
  • We need to resolve the "competition" with builds, it is hindering progress on all ends.

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