Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.


Diggler Update (A set of URL manipulation utilities for power users)
by Adam Lock

Diggler is a small button that sits by the side of the address bar and provides some useful functionality, such as being able to clear the address bar (like you can in Konqueror) and also navigate to parent directories in HTTP and FTP operations. If this sounds confusing, the screenshots should show you what I mean!


K-Meleon Update (Gecko-based browser for Windows)
by Andrew Mutch

The K-Meleon team is busy testing our final beta in preparation for the release of K-Meleon 0.7. Thanks to the hard work of Mark Liffiton, the two Mozilla bugs that were holding us up have been fixed. With these two bugs resolved, we are now focusing on ensuring that K-Meleon 0.7 is ready for public distribution. If you are interested in testing the beta build, you can sign up on our developers list for more information.

In other news, Brian Harris and Ulf Erickson are both working on plugins for K-Meleon that would provide tabbed browsing. These efforts are still in the preliminary stages but they should address a popular request among K-Meleon users. The K-Meleon team is also working on polishing and improving other K-Meleon plugins in preparation for the release. Our goal, as always, is to provide our users with as much functionality as they want while keeping K-Meleon as light as possible.


Livelizard Update (A LiveJournal compatible client)
by Eric Hodel

Livelizard 1.6 has recently been released. It now properly displays mood icons and includes the ability to have public, private, and friends-only posts (no friend groups yet).


Mycroft Update (Adding search engines to the Search tab of the Sidebar)
by Ricky Iseli

There's really a lot of activity in the Mycroft project now. If you want to be up-to-date with all the happenings, you can subscribe to our newsgroup. Also, you can check our homepage in order to see the newly added plugins.


  • Since the June 19 build, bugs 86063 and 134614 are fixed. Tools|Search the Web now uses the default search engine, its shortcut Ctrl-Shift-F has also been implemented. This means for us that the Sherlock plugins must know on which URL we have the search form. There's some guessing procedure so it might work on most of the plugins. However, some plugins need to be updated. We are working on this.
  • Lots of plugins have been added, 2/3 of the now 150 plugins have been checked.
  • We now have a staff page where you can see who is working on the project and what he is doing.
  • Mat has done a great documentation work. It's still a work in progress, but you can check out our Deepdocs.


  • Change structure of database in order to make a difference between "last date checked" and "last date updated". The SQL commands have to be sent to the mozdev team.
  • Finish checking and fixing the current plugins.
  • Create the plugins that have been requested by users.
  • Look with our partner Search Standard how we will coordinate our work.
  • Create icons for the Search Standard plugins.
  • Find maintainers (country/language based, category based). Andrea from the localization projects suggested asking the localization staffs on the newsgroup.
  • Get in touch with all creators of the plugins to have their own plugins checked now and then and update them. We have collected almost all e-mail addresses of the contributors. We now need to add a column to the database and automate the notification procedure.
  • Long-term goal: Create an interactive interface for directly submitting the plugins, see mozdev bug 174.


  • We have to understand better how the plugins work inside Mozilla. That is, somebody will have to go deep into the code. Mat has already had a look at it, but we would appreciate some help of a C++ guru.
  • The Search Sidebar is still very buggy and user unfriendly. We will have to file some bugs and try to get working on that stuff too.


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