Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.


Annozilla Update (Sidebar interface with an annotation server)
by Matthew Wilson

Annozilla 0.3.4 has been released, fixing a bug with posting annotations. This release is compatible with Mozilla 1.0 (although it doesn't work particularly well with tabbed browsing).

Future releases will concentrate on improved functionality and UI.


Lodur Update (Sidebar tracking panel for your favorite webcams)
by Jesus X

After a long, painful, and involuntary project delay, Lodur is looking to get back on track. Right now we're looking for a volunteer who can help fill a void in our skillset, namely reading/writing user-entered data to RDFs from the sidebar. Mail the royal We of the Lodur project, and fill us in!


Amoeba Update (Role playing game editor and game project)
by Andrew Wooldridge

Starting work on new codebase for Amoeba (codenamed Tangerine). Will be based on frozen Mozilla 1.0 builds.


CaScadeS Update (A stylesheet editor for Composer)
by Daniel Glazman

CaScadeS version 0.1.5 was posted on the 18th of June and includes the following:

  • started panel for Aural CSS (special for Charles McCathieNevile,
  • started adding spinbuttons +/- for properties accepting a length as value
  • box panel almost done (just have to add spinbuttons)
  • improved the Quick Brown Fox preview
  • "About..." menu item added
  • debug and cleanup

In conjunction to the above, I have worked on Bugzilla bug 152289 to be able to use FilePicker for audio files (needed for cue-* properties in Aural CSS).


BrowserG! Update (A powerful Java web system that enhances Mozilla)
by Jeet Shahani

BrowserG! 1.3 beta is released. Here is a quick mention of few of the changes since the 1.02 release:

  • Improved Sidebar functionality for flags and history.
  • CalculatorG! an add-on application. Talk about cool!
  • Customization of Favorites website toolbar is finally done.
  • We have also added a section for developers who want to contribute to making their own Sidebars for BrowserG!

Check out the site for more details.


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