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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.


K-Meleon Update (Gecko-based browser for Windows)
by Andrew Mutch

The K-Meleon team is hard at work getting ready for the release of version 0.7. Currently, we have two Mozilla bugs, 113007 and 134523 which are blocking this release. Once these bugs, which affect downloading and SSL support, are fixed, version 0.7 will be available. This release will be built on the current Mozilla 1.0 code.

While the team is waiting on the resolution of those two Mozilla bugs, we have been busy squashing bugs and improving K-Meleon's functionality. Mark Liffiton has been doing an outstanding job of overhauling and improving our Bookmarks and Favorites plugins. Users of K-Meleon 0.6 can expect to see a number of new features in the next release and much improved performance thanks to the upgrade to Mozilla 1.0 code. As always, K-Meleon strives to be a lean and mean browsing machine.

If you are interested in helping out or just have questions, visit K-Meleon at


mozdev Update (Mozilla-based project hosting site)
by David Boswell

The mozdev site has been slow lately due to the large increase in traffic we've seen since the Mozilla 1.0 release. We're working on making the site more responsive and I wanted to thank everyone for bearing with us while we get this resolved.

If you have a project on mozdev, one of the ways you can help is to move any download files onto our mirror network. Doing this will make the main site more responsive and downloads will be faster. More information about using the mirror network can be found on the mirrors project.


Enigmail Update (PGP/GPG add-on for Mozilla)
by R. Saravanan

Enigmail, the PGP/GPG add-on for Mozilla, now supports both inline PGP encryption and PGP/MIME, which can be used to seamlessly encrypt emails with arbitrary attachments. With the addition of PGP/MIME, PGP support in Mozilla is now comparable to any other PGP-aware MUA such as Mutt, KMail or Evolution, as far as implemented features go. However, the Enigmail code is still raw and somewhat unstable.

Binaries for Mozilla 1.0 are available for Windows, Linux-x86, Linux PPC, and FreeBSD. Language packs are also available for German, French, and Chinese.

The next step would be integrate the Enigmail codebase into Mozilla, module owners and super-reviewers willing! The relevant bug is 22687.


Livelizard Update (A LiveJournal compatible client)
by Eric Hodel

Livelizard has reached 1.5. Mostly minor bugfixes, but Livelizard now uses nsIPasswordManager, so passwords are managed by Mozilla, Livelizard now also automatically logs in if you same your username and password.


Optimoz Update (Optimizations, including gestures, for the Mozilla browser)
by Andy Edmonds

Mozgest has undegone "tabification". The latest release of Optimoz features a significant modification in the default gesture configuration. We've given up on absolute Opera compatibility in order to optimize the gesture set for tabbed browsing. You can now open new tabs with one stroke, and move between them with two strokes. In longer range news, Mondo is wrapping up the JS Service implementation which should provide gesture functionality with a minimum impact on new window creation time.


Hermes Update (Adding web mail support to the Sidebar)
by Azrael

Hermes 0.3.1 beta — available now. This is only a beta! And it installs as xHermes to allow running this and 0.2.13 concurrently.

The beta uses XUL and runs from the menu... with optional addition to the Sidebar. However it adds to the 'Tasks' menu... which does not exist in the most recent builds (or in 1.0) and so should be looked at with a slightly older browser. It's not really ready for full use... but is there to get people excited... and return comments. It allows for password saving using the Mozilla PSM default. Screenshots are available on the website under the link to beta.


MultiZilla Update (Tab-based browsing feature for Mozilla)
by Rajnish Bhaskar

The major news for MultiZilla is that as of MultiZilla 1.1.14 it is no longer needs its own overlays.rdf making it totally transparent to Mozilla, so there's no more fiddling around with -chrome options and offering sacrifices to the fickle gods that your favourite add-ons will work with MultiZilla — if it works with Mozilla, it will now work with MultiZilla!

We also have a icons preferences panel, so you can choose which icons to display in your MultiZilla toolbar.

We can now offer the ability to change UA strings from within the MultiZilla quickprefs menu and we are working on a GoogleBar type setup for MultiZilla as well.

Coming very soon in v1.1.15Beta will be the often-requested option to restart MultiZilla with last set of tabs open and also to set any group of tabs to be opened on startup.

— Raj (for HJ, who's fixing bugs when he should be sleeping)


Mycroft Update (Adding search engines to the Search tab of the Sidebar)
by Ricky Iseli

Here's the latest on the Mycroft project:


  • Three people have joined the project: joolz, mat and utopic. Welcome!
  • More plugins have been added.
  • More plugins have been checked.
  • In the last report, we announced that we considered working together with Search Standard which provides nearly 300 Sherlock plugins for the Mac. They agreed. The 300 plugins won't be added immediately, since they are close to a new release, with bugfixes.


  • Change structure of database in order to make a difference between "last date checked" and "last date updated". The SQL commands have to be sent to the mozdev team.
  • Finish checking and fixing the current plugins.
  • Create the plugins that have been requested by users.
  • Look with our partner Search Standard how we will coordinate our work.
  • Create icons for the Search Standard plugins.
  • Find maintainers (country/language based, category based). Andrea from the localization projects suggested to ask the localization staffs on the newsgroup.
  • Get in touch with all creators of the plugins to have their own plugins checked now and then and update them.
  • Create an interactive interface for directly submitting the plugins, see mozdev bug 174.


  • We have to understand better how the plugins work inside Mozilla. That is, somebody will have to go deep into the code.
  • The Search Sidebar is still very buggy and user unfriendly. We will have to file some bugs and try to get working on that stuff too.


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