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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.


Googlebar Update (Google search toolbar)
by Andy Edmonds

The past few weeks have seen a lot of development on the Googlebar (well, relatively, anyway). The most visible new features in our next release will be a prefs panel and multiple language support, as the Googlebar code was overhauled to make it much easier to translate into other languages via the implementation of localization.

Full details, including a step-by-step guide, are available at our new translations page, along with an XPI of our latest files from CVS. Some users have expressed an interest in translating into Italian, Hebrew, and German- any translations that we do receive will hopefully be posted simultaneously with our new release when it is ready, along with credit to the translator.

With any luck, this release will also include a working uninstall feature, dynamic (not static) find-term buttons (bug 1418) and, should the code fall from the sky, the use of keyboard modifiers (for example, Ctrl+Enter would open a search in a new tab). Also, two new searches (dictionary and glossary) were added, and to make room for future growth, the UI was reorganized a bit. Since this release will contain a number of major changes, help in many areas — whether testing, translating, or coding — would be appreciated.


Hermes Update (Adding web mail support to Sidebar)
by Azrael

I just can't seem to stop fixing little bugs in Hermes... or adding services... so there's now a new release of the 0.2 series. 0.2.13 was released into the wild on 30th May and will be the last 0.2 series... promise! Cross my heart! Work will begin on releasing the 0.3 series in the even closer future than ever before reported!


Mycroft Update (Adding search engines to the Search tab of the Sidebar)
by Ricky Iseli

Here's the latest on the Mycroft project:


  • A nice amount of new plugins have been submitted by various persons. It's great to see that more and more people contribute to this project.
  • All plugins have been tested and those still working marked non-beta. All plugins marked beta, therefore, are not working or have some serious problems.
  • A few of the broken plugins have been fixed.
  • We have identified a very nice site out there, Search Standard, which provides nearly 300 Sherlock plugins for the Mac. We're waiting for an answer to an e-mail asking to be allowed to distribute these plugins also on our site.
  • We've finally set up the mailing-list/newsgroup.


  • In case Search Standard agrees, we will have to create icons for all these sites.
  • Find contributors. Azrael told he will be available but still no news...
  • Find maintainers (country/language based, category based). Andrea from the localization projects suggested to ask the localization staffs on the newsgroup.
  • Get in touch with all creators of the plugins to have their own plugins checked now and then and update them.
  • Create an interactive interface for directly submitting the plugins; see mozdev bug 174.


  • Not enough people with CVS access. If you are interested, please contact us.
  • I will be unavailable during one month this summer, so it would be great to have someone backing me up.


MultiZilla Update (The first, and only, tabbed browser UI add-on for Mozilla and Netscape)
by HJ van Rantwijk

MultiZilla 1.1.10 can be installed for all recent Mozilla builds. It can also be used with Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1.

What has changed? We worked hard to get everything from the old MultiZilla days back in. Here are some of our features:

  1. Easy TabSwitching (top/bottom)
  2. Pref setting for tab width
  3. Pref setting for custom tab labels (sticky names)
  4. Pref setting for URL's on tab
  5. Two new QuickPref menu items for Cookies and Images
  6. Load any bookmark folder as startup group
  7. Tab history list in Tab context menu (also in TabMenu)
  8. MultiZilla's TabMenu fully operational
  9. Tab Home (opens first page loaded in tab)
  10. Easy way to set/remove Custom tab labels (F8)
  11. Easy way to hide Personal Toolbar (F10)
  12. Easy way to hide the MultiZilla Toolbar (F11)
  13. Hide selected tab for Close All Dialog Window
  14. Close All tabs, even the last one
  15. Customized Mozilla Tab Menu
  16. Access to features even when FullScreen is active (F12)
  17. Easy access to features by a dozen of buttons on the MultiZilla Toolbar
  18. Easy way to select a prior visited page (Custom History Window)
  19. Easy way to close one or a selection of tab(s) (Custom Close All Window)
  20. Enhanced keyboard support for tab navigation (first/next/prior/last tab)
  21. Enhanced Drag and Drop support for tabs (with drag mouse pointer)
  22. The selected, or current, tab is made more visible (higher/bold text)
  23. The category pane for MultiZilla's pref panel opens by default
  24. Enhanced support to prevent new windows to open (target="blank/new")

Current Work in Progress

  1. Updated stylesheets (for bottom tabs)
  2. Update website
  3. Prevent duplicated pages to load (re-enabled)
  4. New code for link prefs
  5. New Icons
  6. Major code cleanup
  7. A lot of testing


We've changed our XPInstallation script, so it should be working again, but we need people to test it for us. Especially Mac and Linux users are more than welcome.

Note: and make sure to visit our mailing list and newsgroup.

So, what do we need to say more? Just have fun, HJ.


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