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George Reviews FullScreen 1.5 for Communicator 4.x

by GEORGE GIANNUKOS | Here's George's first plug-in review for mozillaZine. He said he would be willing to do a new review monthly, so feel free to email him if you know of any plug-ins the Mozilla community would like to know about.

Plug-in: FullScreen 
From: Stefano Barbato
Version: 1.5
Date: Sept. 06, 1998
File size: 288K
Web Site
License: $10; afterwards free upgrades

Pros: for people using 800x600 it's real nice.

Cons: in Communicator 4.5PR1 it tends to crash more; and it costs $$$.

At first I thought that this might be a pointless plug-in, but the more I used it the more I liked it. FullScreen adds an extra button to the Communicator toolbar that lets you use the whole screen, not like you couldn't have figured that out by the name, huh? Click on it once and the toolbar disappears; take the mouse to the top of the screen and the toolbar reappears. I myself am running at 800x600 because it's easier to read text and look at web sites, so I find this really useful. People running at higher resolutions might find this less useful, but it's still a good add-on. The only bad thing I have found is that I have experienced crashes when I open my mail client and some times when I am loading java, but I am not sure if it's Communicator's fault or the plug-in's.

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