Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Aphrodite Update (Alternative Mozilla user interface project)
by John Dobbins

Aphrodite Lives!

I've recently taken over the Aphrodite project and started going through the old code. Aphrodite now launches with the Mozilla 1.0 rc1 builds. Aphrodite 0.6 will be a bug fix release that works with Mozilla 1.0. Aphrodite 0.7 will be for feature catch up, so that things like tabbed browsing that have been introduced since the last Aphrodite release will be supported.

mirrors Update (Mozilla project hosting site)
by Joshua Lerner

The mirrors project is a new project on mozdev. We are in the early stages of setting up a worldwide network of mirror sites for official releases as well as nightly snapshots of mozdev projects. Anyone interested in setting up a mirror should email the project list at As of 4/24/02, we have two organizations lined up to be the first mirrors, both on the East Coast. Technical information is forthcoming.

BannerBlind Update (Hide the banners from your browser)
by Fabricio C Zuardi

BannerBlind has been updated. We fixed many UI bugs to be compatible with the latest Mozilla milestone. BannerBlind is the Mozilla add-on that removes advertisement banners of web pages.

Beonex Update (Internet client software suite targetted at end-users)
by Ben Bucksch

Beonex 0.8 is getting shape. :-)


  • We have alpha versions for Linux and Windows published now.
  • That's the first public Windows release since a looong time.
  • Website is updated to reflect new release
  • Minor changes to website, removing major confusion cause

Outstanding (for -pre)

  • Fix remaining Win bugs (David)
  • Mozilla bugs
    • Bug 135570 - win95 installer
    • Bug 138877 - link crash
  • Investigate that frequent crash in Mailnews Composer opening I am seeing (Ben)
  • Mac OS X (Zach)
  • Mac OS 9 (Help needed)
  • Press releases (Ben)
  • Contacting press reporters (Help needed desperately)
  • Get that puppy out, finally!

Before -stable release

Based on 1.0 final
(Help wanted)

  • Describe the Mozilla-based part of Beonex Communicator (not just the specialities) to users on the website
  • Website overhaul (making more user-friendly)

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