Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Livelizard Update (A LiveJournal compatible client)
by Eric Hodel

The Livelizard mozdev project has been launched. Livelizard is a Mozilla-based client for Livejournal-based websites. Currently all of the basic functions except private/public viewing are supported.

mozdev Update (Mozilla project hosting site)
by David Boswell

mozdev has had an irc server for a while, but we recently decided that this didn't make a lot of sense. We are going to stop using that server and start using the #mozdev channel on Come join us to talk about mozilla application issues, mozdev site issues, or whatever else it is that you would want to talk to us about.

Hermes Update (Adding web mail support to sidebar)
by Azrael

Hermes 0.2.12 sees the last of the 0.2.x versions with a few minor changes. This fixes problems with Caramail, some onfocus/onblur issues, and logo size. Soon the very first 0.3.x release will be rolled out for experimentation. 0.3.x sees a change over to a XUL interface, optional sidebar and/or floating window, and username/password saving.

Thanks go to Peter Bartecki for all the work on what will become 0.3.x Hermes.. his work on it cannot be overstated!!

I have been pleased to see that downloads of Hermes for the past few months have run into the hundreds .. and I must thank the one person out there who decided to download it 700 times just to give me the numbers... thanks Mum!!! *jk*

Anyone wanting to see the XUL version sooner rather than later, and being good on XUL .. please get in touch to assist - thanks

please? :)

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