Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Optimoz Update (Optimizations for the Mozilla browser)
by Andy Edmonds

A new gestures release for the new tree based 9.9+ builds, versioned 0.4. This will be the release for 1.0 and incorporates a better gesture trigger which blocks initiation in text areas, input boxes, and scrollbars. A technote has also been added to the site with instructions on customizing triggers and actions.

The pie menu aspect of Optimoz should release files soon, building on the XBL work at SVGgraphs.

mozdev Update (Mozilla project hosting site)
by Brian King

We are putting together a consultants page on mozdev relating to people and consulting skills in the Mozilla sphere. The general idea is to have a useful reference for people using Mozilla to create applications, and need skills and people resources.

If you are interested in being listed on this page, let us know. The initial details we will need from you are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Technologies (interested in, e.g. XUL, XPCOM, RDF ...)
  • Components (interested in, e.g. Browser, Editor, Calendar, all ...)
  • Experience (Mozilla projects/applications worked on, changes made to tree ...)

If you have any other ideas for this page, please let us know on the consultants list.

Beonex Update (Internet client software suite targetted at end-users)
by Ben Bucksch

The Beonex project tries to create a Mozilla for consumers (think "mom and dad"), very much like Netscape 6, but completely open-source and in the open-source spirit (focus on users, not websites etc.).

We're working an a new release (0.8) again, this time based on the 1.0 branch (of course). It's in relatively good shape. I am building on Linux, David Hallowell on Win32 and Zach Lipton on Mac OS X. We plan to release simultanously with Mozilla 1.0 RC1.

We still need more help for everything, atm esp.: