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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

LiveSidebar Update (The place to give life to your sidebar)
by Roger C. Soares

The Note-it, our Post-it style tab has been updated. It now contains three different annotation areas with the colors yellow, green and red. There is also a send tab to main content window button and auto-save on focus out. The Note-it is very usefull to collect information from webpages by simply dragging text and links from a webpage and dropping them into the Note-it tab for later reference.

SVG Graphs Update (Graphing and visualization with SVG)
by Andy Edmonds

The SVG Graphs project aims to make graphing easy in SVG builds by adding a tagset for graphing. Using XBL, tags for barchart and piecharts have been constructed. The next step is to design a style and legending system, working around the lack of support for text in SVG. Recent work has implemented a fancy multilayer piechart called a "Sunburst". Additional project contributors, from coding to documentation, are very welcome.

Mozilla Translator Update (Helping localizers make and distribute Mozilla translations)
by Henrik Lynggaard

I have uploaded version 5 beta 6 of mozillatranslator. The major changes include:

  • MozillaTranslator now requires JDK 1.4, so you need to upgrade your java if you haven't allready.
  • Lots of behind the scene refactoring
  • More views and simple search implemented
  • Fixed / Added: support for accesskey and commandKey
  • A number of bugfixes

mozCalc Update (Desktop calculator application)
by Martin Kutschker

New version 0.4.3 of mozCalc is out.

I finally found a fix for a long term problem of mozCalc. You may now call up mozCalc again without it complaining about not finding it's storage datasource.

And it seems to be working fine with Mozilla releases starting from 0.9.2 (Netscape 6.1) to the last milestone 0.9.9. Ah, yes there are display problems with buttons within decks. This affects Mozilla 0.9.8 and 0.9.9.

And for those who have missed the announcements for 0.4.2 and 0.4.2a: mozCalc may now live in the Mozilla sidebar. And we speak now Italian.

Annozilla Update (Sidebar interface with an annotation server)
by Matthew Wilson

Annozilla has been updated again with a maintenance release, 0.3.3, for compatibility with Mozilla 0.9.9. There are also a number of screenshots which preview the upcoming 0.4, which will have an improved user interface and many new facilities, including an HTML editor, and annotation of SVG and MathML.

Mozblog Update (Mozilla -> Blogger component)
by Mike Lee

Since last update (version 2?) Mozblog have added the following functionality:

Source/wysiwug mode switching - You can now switch editor mode as you see fit, you can set either one as default. Theres an option to strip
tags from the editor now too.

Save draft posts automatically - Mozblog now automatically save draft post automatically so when mozilla crash (not very often nowdays) you don't lose your post

Configure the number of previous post to retrieve - This is no longer limited to five post, however I believe blogger only allow you to retrieve 20 post maximum at a time.

Post to local directory - You can choose a 'local store' channel to save your post to disk rather than to blogger or similar service. Provided you configure the directory before hand.

Experimental Syndication tool - well, experimental is the right word for it, see who fig out how this works :)

Grab your copy today!

BrowserG! Update (A powerful java web system that enhances Mozilla)
by Jeet Shahani

The BrowserG! website has received a face lift recently. We have taken into consideration comments from our users at and otherwise. A Features section has been added which covers: Hyperview, Groups, search, shop, clear and other functionality.

We would appreciate any comments that you might have on this.

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