Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Meetzilla Update (Mozilla Developer Meetings)
by David Boswell

Information about the Mozilla Developer Day at CMU that was held on March 1 and 2 has been posted. There is a schedule, a short summary, and some pictures that were taken at the event.

I've also reorganized most of the content about developer meetings in the Meetzilla project. Now that there have been several events, I've moved some pages around to make it easier to find things.

The information about how to start your own meeting has also been updated and edited. If this how to information will be useful for people who are interested in starting their own meetings in their area, i'll work on expanding this section to make it more helpful.

getmoz Update (Get bleeding edge Mozilla easily)
by Phil Cryer

getmoz 1.1 has been released. getmoz has gone through a complete rewrite from what it was back in January. There are many new features and flow controls. Some of the changes are:

  • runs as normal user
  • automatically creates a directory in the users home directory (~/mozilla) for the Mozilla builds (this preserves any Mozilla Milestone releases)
  • basic logging has been introduced
  • automatically creates a directory in the users home directory (~/.getmoz) for the getmoz.log file
  • checks the tarfile's timestamp of the current build against the one found on Mozilla's servers before attempting to download (it will only download if the remote version is newer)
  • tested as a cronjob
  • code completely rewritten and reorganized
  • all error messages rewritten in an effort to provide more information

LatinMoz Update (Spanish language Mozilla portal)
by Lancer

LatinMoz wants to open a multilingual meeting site for the mozilla developers from Latin based languages and Start a Center of the Skin Development for Mozilla Browser.

Hovercraft Update (mozdev upgrade project)
by David Boswell

The Hovercraft project plans to make an upgraded version of that is installable by anyone who is interested in running a mozdev-like site themselves. We will also upgrade the current mozdev site to use Hovercraft when the community is ready to use it.

The first thing we need to do is come up with the requirements for the new site and also make a base installable version that people can use to develop with. If you are interested in helping, join the mailing list and enter in requirements in bugzilla and we'll go from there.

BrowserG! Update (A powerful java web system that enhances Mozilla)
by Jeet Shahani

BrowserG! 1.02 for Window and Linux is released.

We have added a lot of cool features to this version. See the list below to see what is in this release of BrowserG! 1.02:

% Fixed Groups bug.
% Fixed bug with WebTop resizing.
+ Embedded search, shop and clear functionality. Cool!
+ Enhanced Shop and Search functionality -added availability of coupons while in shopping mode and various search engines while search mode.
+ Support of drag and drop to downloads links, gifs, exe's and very minimal integration with current download manager. Work in progress.
+ Upgraded to jdk1.3.1 with install from jdk 1.3.0_01.
+ Included Mozilla 0.9.2 only (no additional components: mail, newsgroups, etc) with BrowserG!

+ = new feature
- = removed feature
% = bugfix,
$ = update

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