Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

EU Update (European Mozilla community information)
by Brian King

The Second European Mozilla Developers Meeting held in Brussels on weekend of 16-17 February was a great success. You will find links to a summary of the event, slides from the talks and photos here.

There have been numerous other enhancements to the site including a new subprojects navigation bar for individual meetings, talks and pictures repositories, and simpler heading structure. Mozilla is very much alive and strong in this part of the world!

ThinSkin Update (A map-based simple skin building tool)
by Andrew Wooldridge

ThinSkin is a new project which will allow novices to create nice looking skins for Mozilla and Mozilla-based applications. Emphasis is placed on simplicity of the skin building process. Developers need only edit a few large Images which contain regions corresponding to various UI elements - almost like an "imagemap" or Quake-style texture maps.

Abzilla Update (LDAP and MAPI support for the Address Book)
by John Marmion

Many of the goals of the Abzilla project have now been achieved. We set out to add support for multiple address books in Mozilla. Our motivation was two-fold, to add enterprise features to the Mozilla Address Book and allow to access these Mozilla datasources.

Since our last status report in November 2001, 2 of our 3 remaining patches have been landed in Mozilla and will appear in Milestone 0.9.9. Huge thanks are owed to Seth Spitzer of Mozilla who almost single-handed was responsible for #83023 and #83091.

Today what remains is some unfinished business regarding the integration of the LDAP Directory Servers into the Address Book (see #125821) and the UI patch to enable Outlook and Outlook Express (#83100). The Abzilla site has been updated to reflect this and we have created a new experimental build for #83100. We will continue to press for inclusion of this and will be around to support work on #125821 and any fallout from any of our earlier patches.

Thanks to everybody who participated in whatever way to the success of the project including the contributions to the Abzilla Message Board.

mozCalc Update (Desktop calculator application)
by Martin Kutschker

mozCalc has been 0.4.2 released

The new release adds a feature which has been requested by many: integration into Mozilla's sidebar. One may now add mozCalc to the (open) sidebar by selecting the "add" option of mozCalc's edit menu.

This version is intended for Netscape 6.1 and 6.2 (will work with Mozilla milestones 0.9.2 to 0.9.5).

RDF access is broken for newer Mozilla builds (though the calculator works). I hope to resolve the issues to get a new and shiny Mozilla version.

mozdev Update (Free project hosting site)
by Basic

We've been continuing to make changes to the layout and structure of the mozdev pages, although most of these changes shouldn't be visible to people using the site. If you do notice any weird or wrong-looking things on the site, please report the issue to We've also been working on updating more than just the HTML and CSS on the site and hope to have more information soon about what else is coming.

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