BugDays Are Back!

by ASA DOTZLER | Join us this Thursday and Friday as we work to clean up the bug database, weeding out duplicate reports, confirming or resolving bugs, and adding comments and testcases to assist developers working on difficult issues. We're getting very close to Mozilla 1.0. We need your help to ensure that important problems aren't overlooked and we need your time so that developers can focus on fixing bugs rather than reading a bunch of duplicate or incomplete reports.

"What is it?"
BugDay is an informal collaborative bug hunting and triage effort and an opportunity to become comfortable with Mozilla the browser and Bugzilla, mozilla.org's bug reporting tool. See our QA Help page for the kinds of activities and getting started information.

"When and where is it?"
This week we'll be hosting two BugDays, one on Thursday and one on Friday. It's all happening in #mozillazine at irc.mozilla.org starting around 10 am PST (GMT -8) and going until 8 PM PST.

"Who is going to be there?"
Everyone is welcome. If you want Mozilla better sooner then make it happen. We will have first time as well as veteran bug hunters/reporters/triagers. We will have Mozilla developers and quality assurance people. Anyone with an interest in furthering Mozilla is invited.

"What do I need to bring?"
We'll be focusing on finding and marking duplicate bug reports as well as other resolving and commenting on old bugs, so all you need is a recent build. (For many of the activities Mozilla 0.9.8 is good enough but a current nightly is always better).

"What do I do when I get there?"
That's an easy one. You'll read bugs, test the problems on your Mozilla build, query Bugzilla, resolve and verify bugs and generally work to improve the quality of information reported in Bugzilla.

BugDay will be a great opportunity to mingle with other Mozilla users, developers and QA people, so stop by if you get a chance. And don't shy away just because you're new to all of this. If you're not familiar with our processes, there will be plenty of people there to answer questions and help you out.

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