Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Mycroft Update (Adding search engines to the search tab of the sidebar)
by Ricky Iseli


  • Renamed the Sherlock project to Mycroft. We want to avoid copyright issues with Apple.


  • Find contributors
  • Check all the plugins and fix them if they are broken
  • Get in touch with all creators of the plugins to have their own plugins checked now and then and update them
  • Create an interactive interface for directly submitting the plugins, see mozdev bug 174


  • A number of already existing search plugins don't work any more

uabar Update (Useragent Toolbar)
by David Illsley

After several suggestions, I've finally decided to put my "useragent toolbar" up on mozdev. The toolbar allows mozilla users to spoof other useragent strings to bypass some useragent detection. Why would you want to do that? Well, mainly because many sites block pages when they actually work fine in mozilla, they just have an IE bias. The main reason I wrote it in the first place was to allow mozilla QA/evang people to easily get into those kinds of sites. If you are an "end-user" (naughty), I'd encourage you to only use this as a last resort to keep the appearance of mozilla useragent string as high as possible, and if you do, only use an IE string on the actual site that needs it. Contributions to add new/improved functionality are more than welcome, as are suggestions as to what might make it more useable.

mozBlog Update (Mozilla -> Blogger component)
by Mike Lee

Mozblog is a tool to make blogging entry within mozilla using the blogger api. It works by overlaying the browser window with a 'bottonbar'. Which is an html enabled editor like composer, so no more mangling with html tags. It 'should' work for Mozilla 0.98 but I havent tested it yet. Once you install it, it is bind to the key alt + w so it should work cross platform. A few issue with handling of inserting links [bug 99090], so you will have to play around with it to get a feel of things.

Annozilla Update (Sidebar interface with an annotation server)
by Matthew Wilson

Annozilla has had a new release, 0.3.1, which is mostly a maintenance release bringing it up to date with Mozilla and XUL interfaces, but includes a couple of improvements as well.

Upcoming releases should incorporate other big improvements - I've had a suggestion on how to display annotation icons using XBL so that the document's DOM is not disrupted, and so stylesheets and scripts should not break.

Annozilla aims to incorporate W3C's annotation-related work in Mozilla.

Optimoz Update (Optimizations for the Mozilla browser)
by Andy Edmonds

Gestures @ Optimoz: Version 0.3.2 is just out. It's a maintenance release, adding compatibility with .9.8. In addition, diagonal gesture recognition has been added, with zoom/reduce image size bound to RD & UL, and we're in need of new functions for our new gesture space. The release also adds a separate .js file that binds functions to gestures, making customization easier.

Hermes Update (Adding web mail support to sidebar)
by Azrael

Hermes sees some improvement this week as the annoying alert message of 0.2.10 is removed and replaced with an invisible workaround to a bug. 0.2.11 also fixes a few problems with

Looking forward, Hermes will hopefully soon be converted to allow easy translation into other languages. As ever the future holds preferences setting etc...

Anyway.. go get 0.2.11 and tell me what you think!!

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