Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Chimera Update (A Cocoa-based OSX Mozilla browser)
by David Hyatt

This is the first status report for Chimera, a Cocoa-based browser for OS X that embeds Gecko and that wraps application-level components like bookmarks and history with a Cocoa front end written in Objective C.

Chimera can load and display Web pages. It has a functional toolbar that supports back/forward/reload/stop/home and a URL bar. The toolbar is fully customizable.

Switching between windows and opening multiple windows is now working, and a rudimentary sidebar (implemented using a Cocoa drawer) has also landed.

Googlebar Update (Emulating Google search toolbar in Internet Explorer)
by Andy Edmonds

Googlebar has almost reached parity with IE, with find in page implemented. It doesn't do page rank, and probably won't, but we're working on highlight. Issues with textranges in Mozilla make this a bit difficult. Our first major release is coming soon -- a final tidbit is putting proper liscensing in place.

mozdev Update (Mozilla-based project hosting site)
by David Boswell

We've been making some changes to the layout of the mozdev templates recently and have also been removing older, unused pages. If anyone notices any strange behavior or broken links when viewing the site, let me know so we can address it. The changes are mainly minimizing the use of tables and introducing more CSS styling for the layout.

BrowserG! Update (A powerful java web system that enhances Mozilla)
by Jeet Shahani

We have given a face lift to the BrowserG! homepage. Check it out to see what we've been up to.

We have also been packing BrowserG! with a lot of functionality. However, as it is still in beta phase, please help us improve it further by:

Jabberzilla Update (Jabber IM client for Mozilla)
by Eric Murphy

Jabberzilla has been broken by the latest builds of Mozilla, so you will need to wait for the next release to be able to run Jabberzilla on nighlies and probably 0.9.8. There are several major issues that I need to get resolved with the components and bindings.

The next release will not come out until it's actually something impressive. This means that there will be an option to run Jabberzilla in it's own window, and more basic features of a Jabber client to be implemented (like group chat). It will also add a Jabber light bulb to the status bar at the bottom of Mozilla, and possibly some other Mozilla integration of Jabber features. I may also include a collaborative whiteboard that I have been working on, but this will only work in the new SVG Mozilla builds.

For the most part, the goal has been to release a Jabberzilla 1.0 at the same time as Mozilla 1.0 is released. Apparently Mozilla 1.0 will probably come out in May, so timewise this looks reasonable.

Looking past Mozilla 1.0, I can probably look forward to new Mozilla builds breaking Jabberzilla again. I'm also planning on doing a Jabberzilla release that has the files only residing on a web server inside a signed JAR, so there is no installation besides just adding a tab to the sidebar. If I get the itch, I may do this sooner rather than later.

Before 1.0, I'd also like to support UTF-8 communications, as that is important to a lot of people. I've even had direct requests for this, so that implies that I must do it to make everyone happy.

Well, that's about everything directly related to the client. I could use some experienced Mozilla coders to help speed things along I suppose. Originally, I planned on handing the project off to some other guys for short-term development, but that seems to not have worked out. As you can see, I'm not going to let it die.

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