Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Stalemate Update (Knowledge-Based System Design Environment)
by S. M. Claassen

Stalemate is finally picking up steam behind the scenes, with my synchronizing my upstream activities and drafting requirements specs, a global design and a project plan/roadmap. I hope to release these by the end of this month and jetison this operation out of the planning phase and into development. has been updated to reflect this.

BannerBlind Update (Hide the banners from your browser)
by Fabricio C Zuardi

Bannerblind had a new release, with UI, and features improvments. The user can now add more banner sizes, turn the hidding on/off and change the hidding behavior.

Enigmail Update (Using Mozilla to send encrypted mail using PGP or GPG)
by R. Saravanan

Enigmail is an offshoot of the Protozilla project which enables you to send and receive signed/encrypted mail using Mozilla and command-line versions of GPG or PGP. Like Protozilla, Enigmail uses pipes to execute GPG/PGP to carry out its functions. The project has never been officially announced but that hasn't deterred people from trying out the software! Early versions were quite buggy and unstable, but the latest version that works with Mozilla 0.9.7 looks more promising. Downloads are available for Windows and Linux platforms. (For other Unix platforms, you can download the source code and compile along with Mozilla.) Enigmail lets you do basic things like read encrypted mail, verify signed mail, send signed/encrypted mail etc. It can also be used for key generation. Other key management functions are not supported yet. Another important missing feature is lack of support for encrypted attachments.

Hermes Update (Adding web mail support to sidebar)
by Azrael

Hermes 0.2.9 was released on: 29/12/2001

A few changes have been made.. there is now the ability to check e-mail from Due to a bug in Mozilla (as far as I can tell) Hermes now has an annoying alert each time it opens.. this guarantees that hermes is always available (it used to blank out when closed and re-opened) - details on this bug can be found at here and I am really hoping it is looked at soon. Anyone using Hermes that could help .. please do.. even if it is only to vote for this bug :) I have been informed that the Yahoo service in Hermes 0.2.9 no longer works.. but the cause of this is known and this will be fixed in the next version.. which should be out __hopefully_ before or soon after this update goes live. I have recently had a desire to try and track down Hermes users to have some idea of the number of users.. to guage their needs and requirements.. the Hermes website has a feedback page .. which is simple to use.. note also that you can join the Hermes mailing list. If any users have time - I would welcome feedback and ideas to extend Hermes.. and of course assistance with the project is always nice.

The next incarnation of Hermes will probably include a series of links on the default -No Service- page.. because I have found this useful on my own personal version.. of course not everyone has the same tastes.. so I don't know how well this will go down.. preferably I would like some sort of editable preferences for this list so that _you_ can have what you want there. Anyway.. this is just an idea.. and I want to hear your views ... Thank you for using Hermes .. and if you don't.. it's never too late to start!

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