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European Developer Day

by MOZDEV.ORG | It's that time again, for Mozilla developers in Europe to get together, talk and show off the amazing things they are doing with Mozilla. Quite frankly, it has been too long since the last meeting in Frankfurt in September, 2000.

It has been decided that the best opportunity for us is coming up in February. The next meeting of the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) group is taking place in Brussels on 16-17 February. Brussels is a very central location. They have kindly agreed to give us use of the premises for some of the day on Saturday and on Sunday. We will also have a slot open to talk about Mozilla during the FOSDEM sessions, so we have the best of both worlds.

This message is intended to gauge the feeling out there currently in the Mozilla community in Europe. If you think you would like to attend, have some Mozilla projects you are working on that you want to show off, or you are just a casual observer, get back to us to let us know. All suggestions are welcome.

The main forum for discussion will be the eu and meetzilla mailing lists at

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Tristan Nitot - Netscape and Mozilla evangelist for Europe
Brian King - Mozilla supporter and third party coder
Axel "Pike" Hecht - admin
David Boswell - US Meetzilla organiser

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