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Mail/News Performance Effort Underway



Joining in with the Mozilla 1.0 Manifesto (, the mailnews module is going to be in a semi-lock down for (at least) the next two milestones. (0.9.7, 0.9.8)

During the next month, the mailnews module owners (bienvenu, mscott, sspitzer) and most of the Netscape sponsored mailnews contributors will be focusing on performance and footprint.

Obvious exceptions to this lock down:

1) crashers (especially top crashers)
2) regressions
3) mail blockers (bugs that prevent a large number of people from using the product)

For a list of the performance and footprint bugs we are working on, see this document.

If you are a mailnews user, (thank you), this affects you as we won't be able to fix bugs or implement features as quickly.

If you are a mailnews contributor (thank you), this affects you as we won't be able to review, super review, or provide help for any bugs that aren't related to performance or footprint.

We'll gladly accept and help with any performance, footprint, crashers, regressions, or dataloss bugs. We could also use your help on finding and evaluating performance or footprint problems.

If you've got something not related to performance or footprint in your tree now, see below.(*)

Already, we're going to allow for a few exceptions to this "semi" lock down:

1) helping get S/MIME landed on the trunk
2) helping get Simple MAPI landed on the trunk
3) helping with tree wide changes (example, we don't want to hold up XUL 1.0, string API changes)
4) helping with bugs / features that are currently in progress that are low risk and completed (or near completion).

(*) If you've got something in progress that is low risk and completed (or near completion), send me mail ( by Nov 7th I'll help you get reviews, super review and checked in during the semi lock down.

For your features and bugs that don't make the Nov 7th cut, you should set them to at least milestone 0.9.9


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