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by GERVASE MARKHAM | is starting a project to create an enterprise-level calendar based on the Mozilla platform.

Thanks to an extremely generous offer of code from OEone Corporation, the new calendar project will have a significant codebase to start from. OEone make Penzilla, an operating environment for internet devices based on Linux and Mozilla. Part of this environment is a calendaring application with the following features:

- Day/Week/Month views of calendar
- Navigation: go to today; go to specific date; go to next Day/Week/Month
- Add/Edit/Delete Events
- Date and Time picker components
- Repeating events
- User-defined categories for events
- Drill-down search for events by title and description - Event alarms; notification on desktop, email, or text pager
- Send event invitation by email

The Penzilla Calendar leverages the libical library, written by Eric Busboom, for calendar event management and storage. libical is an open source implementation of the IETF's iCalendar Calendaring and Scheduling protocols (RFC 2445, 2446, and 2447). It parses iCal components and provides a C API for manipulating the component properties, parameters, and subcomponents.

Penzilla Calendar integrates this API into its own XPCOM library (libxpical) which in turn provides useful higher level manipulation tools for calendar events such as AddEvent, UpdateEvent, SearchEvent, etc. to JavaScript giving complete access and control over events from within the scripting language. (XPCOM is Mozilla's cross-platform Component Object Model.)

For more information on, and a technical description of Penzilla Calendar, see OEone's website. Screen shots can be found here. Penzilla is currently in beta, and the Penzilla Calendar is already a working, stable, personal calendar.

The first task will be to check this code into the Mozilla tree, integrate it into the Mozilla build system and do any necessary porting work (libical compiles on Unix and MacOS but not yet on Win32.) Then, the UI will be modified to make it match the other applications in the Mozilla suite. Only after the current feature set is working well in Mozilla will we consider adding new features to bring it up to enterprise-level. is extremely interested in hearing from people or companies who would like to be part of this project. Our hope is that we can bring together all interested parties to work on this together. Please make your interest known in news://

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