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Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Abzilla Update (LDAP and MAPI support for the Address Book)
by Martin Maher

There are 3 main bugs left (#83023, #83100 and #83091). Of these only #83023 has a patch. #83023 is consuming most of our attention as it is the biggest and there has been a lot of discussion on the various features this will add to mozilla addressbooks. The experimental builds for this patch were updated this week so go to if you would like to see what we are adding to the addressbook. Proposals have been delivered to mozilla for #83023 and #83091 and hopefully coding can begin once agreement has been reached.

Finally thank you to all the people I have received email from and who have contributed to the Abzilla messageboard giving us feedback and suggestions. A lot of the hard work that was done back in April and May this year is only starting to be recognised now and hopefully this project can continue to contribute positively to the mozilla effort.

Pueblo Update (A home for the Pueblo MUD client)
by Simon Lucy

Pueblo now successfully builds cleanly, it even starts before crashing with a memory fault :-).

Work continues on fixing the debug build, finding suitable replacement icons and artwork for the commercial artwork. Following the successful build of a running version the code needs to be broken down into sub projects that other projects can make use of, the VRML engine for example.

I'm interested in hearing from anyone that wants to get into VRML.

The Pueblo project also contains a HTML browser and one of the forthcoming projects is to include the XML parser.

Multizilla Update (Tab-based browsing feature for Mozilla)
by HJ van Rantwijk

MultiZilla is THE tabbed browser interface for mozilla, but you all know that by now so I will skip this section.

Achievements of last week

  • released the Third MultiZilla Alpha for mozilla 0.9.5
  • first nightly based on mozilla 0.9.5 with additional new features
  • added a brand new Tab Startup Group feature

Tab Startup Group
You can now open a bunch of tabs with one single mouse click. The latest MultiZilla nightly adds even more to it, you can store/save one, or all, open tabs to a (new) Tab Start Group. The next step, and this is already partially implemented, is to load a Tab Startup Group at startup. The preference setting for this feature is also already implemented.

I received a sealed letter to join forces oversees. I have accepted this assignment and I'm waiting for further instructions. This might result in a temporarily project stall. I'm not sorry for it, I only hope that all of you understand what I need to do. I hope to see ya all later.

Jabberzilla Update (Jabber IM client for Mozilla)
by Eric Murphy

Jabberzilla is currently crashing 0.9.5 when the roster tries to load. There should be a new release soon (hopefully).

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