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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Hermes Update (Web-based e-mail access project)
by Azrael

The latest release is 0.2.8. This version adds a few new services (including a few German ones.. and and also fixes a bug that caused hermes to display in older builds but not the most recent.

  • Good news: Hermes 0.2.8 will work in Mozilla 0.9.4
  • Bad news: There is a slight bug that causes the hermes tab to go blank, and remain blank until the browser window is closed and re-opened. Currently it is not clear if this is a Hermes bug or a Mozilla bug. I'll attempt to find out.

As always.. seeking help.

Creating a service is easy:

Converting Hermes to XUL is not quite so easy... any XUL writers that want to spend a few hours helping me... you can have your name in flashing neon :)

For any further information/assistance:

XBLRef Update (XBL Programmer Reference)
by Håkan Waara

I'm sorry to announce that I don't have enough time to work on XBLRef AND Mozilla AND non-computer things lately. I want to make sure though that the XBLRef project can continue ahead, so I'm putting this project up for adoption. Please contact me if you are interested in taking over this project.

rpgtools Update (Mozilla-based AD&D tools)
by Eric Plaster

We had an identity crisis, and decided to change our name to rpgtools instead of dndtools. It was noted that people where thinking my project was related to 'drag and drop'. To avoid any confusion in the future, I decide that it was better to do it now while I'm still getting established.

As for development news:

  • I'm working toward moving spellviewer and bookviewer up to mozilla 0.9.4. It should be relatively simple, but there is some quarky stuff I have to work through.

  • I'm also working on bringing the different "classes" online (Wizard, Cleric, Spionic). I shifted to this instead of developing more plugins, because it directly affects the plugins. Need to have the basement before the roof, as they say.

  • At this time, and until I reach a beta state, I'll be following the mozilla releases. I'll cut a release for the 0.9.3 mozilla release, but it will not be worked on, you'll have to upgrade your mozilla to get the upgraded version.

Come by and take a look at!

Lodur Update (Sidebar tracking panel for your favorite webcams)
by Jesus X

Lodur is a project that just got created on mozdev. It started out as a very simple sidebar panel to track some of people's favorite webcams but it has kind of evolved it something more than that. To find out what exactly it has turned into though, you'll have to check out the site ;-)

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