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Relicensing Has Begun

by GERVASE MARKHAM | As a first step we have relicensed almost all NPL and NPL/GPL Mozilla source files under an NPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. This is approximately one third of the Mozilla source tree, and a very good start.

To relicense Mozilla source files currently under the MPL or MPL/GPL we need the permission of those who contributed to those files and retain copyright on their changes. Our next step will therefore be to send out letters requesting this permission to all those whom we believe have contributed to such files. If you know you have contributed to MPLed files, and are so excited by this that you want to give your permission now, please send us email.

This relicensing may take some time to complete. We'd like the readers of MozillaZine to help us by encouraging those whom you know have contributed to MPL (or MPL/GPL) files to grant their permission. Each Mozilla source file that is available under a tri-license with the MPL, GPL and the LGPL encourages further adoption of, and more contributions to, the Mozilla codebase.

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