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by MITCHELL BAKER | As many of you know, I am no longer a Netscape employee; my position at Netscape was eliminated during the last round of AOL layoffs. Many people have asked what this means for my role with

First, the focus of my role at will change somewhat. As a Netscape employee, I was in daily contact with a broad range of Netscape management. Some of this interaction was gathering data relating to processes, and some of it was acting as the liaison between Netscape management and This role as liaison is at an end; it should be performed by a Netscape employee.

I expect to devote more of my time to other activities that are critically important to the Mozilla project. These include working with companies seeking to use Mozilla, serving as spokesperson for, making our project more transparent and accessible to newcomers, driving consensus as to how ought to operate, and pursuing various projects for which I have some particular expertise.

As Chief Lizard Wrangler, I have not "made policy" for Pronouncements of policy from on-high would be both presumptuous and self-defeating in a community such as ours. Similarly, staff does not make decisions in a vacuum. We make decisions based on community input, trying to balance a range of needs and resources, and doing our best to promote the greatest good for the most contributors. Our best isn't perfect, and we'll certainly continue to be imperfect. We remain committed to doing our best, seeking feedback, and making ongoing improvements.

Second, I am thinking about memorializing the change in my relationship with Netscape by changing my title. The goal of doing so would be to make sure there is no ongoing confusion: my role with continues, my former relationship with Netscape is over. Besides, I've always wondered what it would be like to emulate Prince, and now I finally have a chance [;-)] staff, myself included, are considering retiring the "Chief Lizard Wrangler" title and adopting "Wrangler-At-Large" instead. If you have strong feelings one way or the other, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll wait for inspiration to strike.

The Mozilla Project is important, and worthy of our time, resources and commitment. I look forward to an exciting future.


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