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New Mozilla Website

by GERVASE MARKHAM | We are busy preparing a new website which will become It is based around Zope and its content management framework (CMF).

As part of this, we feel deserves a new look. We would like a number of people to produce Zope "skins" to give us ideas for, and maybe become, that new look. For more info on Zope skins, see:

Note: this is NOT a competition. There are no prizes. We may end up with something which takes the best bits of different people's designs. We are looking for people willing to all cooperate together to produce the best thing possible.

Also, the site has the capability for members to set the skins in their profiles, so that even if a particular skin does not win, it may still remain. Although it could not be the default, we would be particularly interested in seeing a skin which shows off Mozilla really well.

Some ground rules for this can be found at:

If you would like to make a skin, please email me with your name, and URLs of a couple of pieces of web page design that you have done before. Because being able to make a skin involves giving the person certain management privileges on the site, so this is initially open only to people who have been working on or around Mozilla for a while, whose faces are known, as it were, or people who can be vouched for by such a person.


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