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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Galeon Update (GNOME Web browser based on Gecko)
by Philip Langdale

We've just landed an update to galeon which is the first stage in the process of moving to a proper component architecture. A lot of mozilla related functionality has always been implemented in galeon as xpcom components, but until now we've statically linked them into the main binary.

What we are attempting to do now is shift these components into nsIModule implementing xpcom libraries. This means that the components can be reused by mozilla or other mozilla embedding projects, though probably limited to *nix platforms.

Our first stage was to modularize our eternal protocol handler and the various protocol handlers associated with GNOME help support. It is possible to drop this module into your mozilla/components directory, (perhaps running regxpcom too) and mozilla will be able to handle these protocols as well. The external protocol handler allows the browser to pass out urls which have a handler specified in the GNOME control centre to that handler if mozilla can't handle it.

The help protocols are still a little rough around the edges but work reasonably well if you've got nautilus installed as they rely on nautilus' converter applications. These converters are required to handle info and man pages, and to view sgml formatted gnome-help documents. The old style html formated ghelp docs are handled internally and will always be viewable.

Well, just wanted to throw that out and let people know what we were up to.

Amoeba Update (Role Playing Game editor and game project)
by Andrew Wooldridge

Amoeba is making progress although the many xul language changes are having an impact. I'm working on higher level elements right now like how the engine should be structured, as well as developing the RPGML language.

Website Update (Mozdev site cleanup and redesign project)
by Basic

I just posted a mockup of a CSS version of the mozdev homepage. It's not completed yet, but I wanted to be able to show roughly what it will look like. In Mozilla it looks more or less the same as the original site. I've done testing of the mockup in some other browsers, but it would be helpful if people could check it out and let me know how it looks. I have already done some testing in NS4 and I'm beginning to think that maybe we should forget about using CSS in NS4 and just let it layout as if it was not CSS capable.

MozillaTranslator Update (Mozilla localization program and website)
by Henrik Lynggaard

I have uploaded beta 4 of MozillaTranslator 5.

The major changes are:

  • new XPI writing routine
  • new Column : Original access key
  • new Column : Original command key
  • new Column : Translated access key
  • new Column : Translated command key
  • new Column : current Text
  • new Column : Current acess key
  • new Column : current command key
  • new View: untranslated
  • new View: REdundant strings
  • Edit Phrase dialog
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • access keys and command keys (after restart)

The plans for Beta 5 are

  • Import/Export partial glossary
  • clean up code
  • More views
  • Migrate product

Besides that the web site is getting a overhaul moving it to mySQL and jsp.

dndtools Update (Mozilla-based AD&D tools)
by Eric Plaster

My new project "dndtools" is now up on mozdev. I haven't had a whole lot of time to put all the web pages together, but the majority of the information is available. The xpi is available for download, and the code is up with correct licensing. If you're interested in AD&D swing by and check out the hard work that I've done.

I have three active "tools" that I am working on:

  • Spellviewer
    This is a program to view spells in an annotated way. You can sort on various attributes of that spell. Currently it only supports wizard spells, but I'm working on adding cleric and psionic.

  • Bookviewer
    This is a program to view the html versions of the books on the D&D Core Rules CD found on the Evermore site on any platform. This burned my ass, being from a linux background. At first I wrote a script to convert and changed all the filename case issues, but it soon grew into a "viewer" program complete with chapter links much like Acrobat Reader.

  • ppc
    "Portable Player Character". The idea here is not to build yet another character creator program (although it will do this), but to make it usable in the context of playing. For example, tabbed sections for combat stats and items. Along with a section for a log (or diary), a names list, and a place list (and hopefully a way to tie them all together)

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