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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Jabberzilla Update (Jabber IM client for Mozilla)
by Eric Murphy

I recently handed the Jabberzilla reigns to Jim Ray. I will continue to help the project as an advisor while I move on with my life to do other things.

However, I am still working on a whiteboarding project with a direct relation to Jabberzilla, so you will still be seeing more Mozilla application code coming from me. Here is the very first screenshot of the whiteboard.

Right now Jabberzilla needs more help. Most of the hard work has already been done, so people with low/moderate XUL and JavaScript skills would be of great value to finish off simple features and details. This project is easy to get started with, as I have tried to design the client with that in mind. If you are interested, send an e-mail to It is the mailing list.

Website Update (Mozdev site cleanup and redesign project)
by Basic

Since I did not get any negative feedback last week I have decided to go ahead with using CSS for all styling of the website. David is thinking about redesigning the pages. Someone suggested "skinning" the pages. There is still alot more work to be done. Many pages on mozdev are still not W3C HTML4 compliant. If anyone wants to help, please file bugs about mozdev pages that are not HTML4 compliant.

Hermes Update (Web-based e-mail access project)
by Azrael

Updates have been missing the past few times. Hermes is not dead, just resting as real-life stuff happens. A move to a XUL version has been postponed and new services will be concentrated on to add to the already functioning version. New services are welcome, and easy to make, please see the tutorial on the website.

Hermes is sad to announce the loss of basic to the team. But happily this doesn't mean basic is lost to the community. This project owes alot to the work basic has put in - thank you basic!!

Chameleon Update (Mozilla theme authoring tool)
by Pete Collins

I've started working on Chameleon again. I'm gonna blow the dust off of this sucker and get her ready for mozilla 1.0. This tool is too useful to not have around.

MultiZilla Update (Tab-based browsing feature for Mozilla)
by Neil Pryde

MultiZilla is a tabbed browser interface (MDI) for mozilla. MultiZilla is build on top of mozilla but uses less memory when you open more than one browser window. MultiZilla opens tabs faster then any mozilla browser window and it allows you to open more then one tabbed windows if you like. It also allows you to open one or more non-tabbed windows or a combination of them. You can easily switch between tabs, instead of going from one window to the other!

We like to thank all of the people involved in testing MultiZilla, you're a great help so far. Keep testing and we keep improving MultiZilla.

Achievements of last week

  • MultiZilla is now more stable and it has new features
  • released the v1.0.53 Alpha release, based on 0.9.3
  • we finished tab cycling (go/tab menu and keyboard)
  • a large number of source files are already available
  • we have fixed over 50 bugs (some where enhancements)
  • we have setup a new, but still brief, list with FAQ's
  • Roger made a new navigation tool for the website
  • we have changed several pages on the website

Tasks for this week

  • steam up for the third Alpha release based on mozilla 0.9.3
  • keep fixing bugs and adding functionality/enhancements
  • run tests with MultiZilla based on mozilla 0.9.4
  • make installation files for Linux users available
  • add information to the news and FAQ's page


  • We sure need more help, what kept you off our radar?
  • we need a new graphic designer to help us, you?


  • we are no longer behind schedule, thanks to HJ for all his work
  • I'm going to attent a Navy training, so i will be unavailable for some time
  • David is back and Richard and Chris (new developers) need to study the source

And finally
Still a lot of work needs to be done. So MultiZilla is in no way the Harley Davidson of the browsers apps, but that can easily change with your help and feedback. Even very little help can bring a lot of improvements. Imagine that more great developers join our team and... Well, we keep dreaming until then.

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