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Update on Tree Plan for 0.9.4

by ASA DOTZLER | This Wednesday began the period of tree control leading up to Mozilla 0.9.4. This usually happens a few days before the milestone branch is cut however this cycle we moved it forward one week to help stabilize after a couple of very active milestone cycles and to help moderate risk as we approach a Milestone that is going to be very important for several customers. If you're a developer and have changes that you want to get into 0.9.4 please send a request to with a description of the fix and an assessment of the risk. If you're a regular tester please help us shake out any unknown problems by using the builds as much as possible and try using some of the features you don't normally use to help us make sure that we know of any major problems in time to get them fixed for the Milestone. We're tentatively scheduling the creation of the 0.9.4 branch late next week with a release (hopefully) sometime the following week.

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