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Evangelism Update

by KATSUHIKO MOMOI | Bugzilla now has a new product category, Tech Evangelism. It has sub components: African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Non-US English,Pacific Islands, The Americas, and US English. This was done to facilitate assignment of bugs to multiple default owners of the Evangelism category. The Evangelism bug owners have finished moving their bugs to the new product category. The old component name "Evangelism" was eliminated. From now on, look for the product name, Tech Evangelism, for filing and querying bugs. For further information, see the following bug:

We are also planning to split Europe into 3 sub-categories, West, Central and East so that we can lessen the default owner tasks. See this bug:

We seek volunteers for default assignee and QA contacts for East Europe, please volunteer in the bug report if you're interested.

- Kat

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