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Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

rbXPCOM Update
by Kenichi Komiya

I have made the first release of rbXPCOM since the project moved to rbXPCOM release 0.0.4 contains the following updates.

  • size_is paramater is hidde from Ruby (like Python binding)
  • DOMString support
  • up to date for Windows (many thanks to Ian MacLean)
  • license is changed to MPL/GPL dual license

Website Update
by Basic

I've been thinking about changing to use HTML for document content only and use CSS to style the layout. However this would mean that it will not look as "pretty" in a non-CSS browser, and it could look down right ugly in NS4. Does anyone have an opinion about this? If anyone has any thoughts or opinions about this, check out the Website project at mozdev and give us your feedback.

Mozdev Update
by David Boswell

Several projects have been put up for adoption by their project owners because they are not able to continue on with development. Instead of letting these projects stop completely, they are putting them up for adoption so that someone else can continue on with the development. If you are interested in taking over any of these projects, or if you have a project you would like to put up for adoption, check out the adoption page on mozdev.

MultiZilla Update
by Neil Pryde

Hi, my name is Neil Pryde and I'm the new project assistant for MultiZilla. I hope to boost new life in the MultiZilla project but I need your help. More and more people send us positive feedback so that should not be a problem.

We are behind schedule at this moment and could use your help. Are you working on the mozilla source and like to help us? Please do. :)


  • We have done tests with MultiZilla on mozilla 0.9.3, and it looks great.
  • We have fixed some old bugs, and we keep working on new ones.
  • We have added functionality to MultiZilla, so just give it a try.


  • Make the latest MultiZilla source available on the site (Neil/Roger).
  • Change the site pages (Neil/Roger).
  • Make the new MultiZilla Alpha release available on the site (Neil/Roger).
  • Fix some important bugs for this project.


  • We are still having problems with window._content settings.
  • Prevent Javascript to open new windows.
  • Find a way to make MultiZilla XPI installable again - this are our biggest problems at this moment!

Insite Info

  • Chris Melville of Active Systems Development is now helping on the MultiZilla project.
  • David Perry is moving to a new place. He will have very little time left to help on the MultiZilla project - we hope David finds the job he is looking for in that city!
  • HJ has had a serious accident and will only work on the project with help of Neil - HJ, we all hope you will recover soon and find that spirit again!

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