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Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

MozStreamer Update
by Steven Crouse

The MozStreamer project has been officially launched. MozStreamer is a multimedia plug-in for Mozilla based on the GStreamer framework. It was originally contributed by OEone Corporation and is actively being developed with support from OEone.

Beonex Update
by Ben Bucksch


  • Produced a good release candidate (called 0-7-dev-2) for 0.7 Linux. (Ben)
  • We might actually have a Mac release this time (yeah!)


  • Produce final release for Linux (Ben)
  • Produce release candidate for Win32, issue final release shortly thereafter (Ben, Simon P. Lucy, timeless)
  • Produce release candidate and final version for Mac (Zach)


  • Fighting hard with chrome and its registry for far too long already - new problems are poping up whenever another one is fixed. It's frustrating. (Ben)

Abzilla Update
by Martin Maher

The good news, nay great news is the big patches for including LDAP, Outlook and Outlook Express datasources (#78933 and #83103) have gone back into the tree. There has been a lot of testing done and to date there has been no regressions as a result of the patch landing. This means the backend for LDAP, Outlook and Outlook Express datasources is in place. The remaining patches will use this backend and create a UI to interact with it. These patches (#83023, #83100, #83091) are still being tested and reviewed and will hopefully go back before the 0.9.4 freeze (29th Aug).

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