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Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Bookie Update
by Will Sargent

Work on Bookie has been proceeding steadily... I have the server done, and I changed the server to use a McKoi database instead of Solid (so we can have an all Java solution). Currently working on a feature to import bookmarks from Netscape bookmark files internally in the server. I was originally going to work on the Mozilla client, but XMLRpcClient has bit-rotted and there are some changes which make it currently unfixable (there doesn't seem to be a way to turn a string into an inputstream in javascript, basically). I've filed 92772.

Jabberzilla Update
by Eric Murphy

Jabberzilla has regained sponsorship from Jabber, Inc. This means that development of the client just received a very nice boost. One of the primary goals is to get Jabberzilla 1.x into the Mozilla 1.0 distributions, whether they be from Mozilla, or other organizations. I will be moving forward on getting access to the Mozilla CVS, and go from there. For this to happen, I will definitely need support from the Mozilla community. I'll keep you all informed. Any comments are welcome.

JSLib Update
by Pete Collins

I've been working on patching some issues with the core nsIFile code in Mozilla to get JSLib working better overall. There are a number of bugs I'm working on that are targeted for 0.9.4. Next week i will be working on an effort to prepare nsIFile for it's API freeze.

  • bug 92329 GetTarget doesn't handle relative symlinks

  • bug 92569 nsLocalFileUnix needs general clean up.

  • bug 53474 nsLocalFile::CopyTo not fully implemented on Unix

  • bug 53596 leaf not working on relative paths

  • bug 55406 AppendRelativePath broken

Mozdev Update
by David Boswell

This week I was trying to look over earlier status reports and I needed to pick them out from the news archives where they were mixed in with other mozillaZine posts. I thought it would be easier to have an archive of links to each report, so I posted the status report page on mozdev. I'll keep this current with links to each report. Take a look to see how these projects have been progressing since these reports started back in February.

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