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Independent Status Reports


Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me. I'll try to put together a report each week or so depending on the number of updates I get. I'll also probably be doing this just on a temporary basis until Tony Jordan picks it up again.

Envisage Update
by Adam Barna

The Envisage project was based on a school project to work on improving the web browser interface. Unfortunately in our limited 10 weeks we were unable to get to the implementation of our ideas, we actually barely had enough time to come up with a couple prototypes with which to interview users. These prototypes and other information about our interface study is available on our project page if anyone is interested in taking a look.

XBLref Update
by Håkan Waara

XBLref is a project aiming at documenting XBL (Extensible Binding Language) and making a reference, both for beginners and experts, similar to what the XULref already is. When it's finished, it will be published on as developer documentation. This week we launched the project and started working on the outline for the reference. The project is progressing far quicker than I thought it would! We already have initial content uploaded and one more contributor for a total of 4 people. There have also been about two dozen posts to the mailing list in the first couple of days it has been up.

Abzilla Update
by Martin Maher

The patch #78933 (functional to read Outlook and LDAP addressbooks) which is the bulk of the code for Abzilla is still undergoing super review. It's hoped to have it in for the 0.9.4 freeze. It's been maintained for three months, three milestones have come and gone and it still hasn't landed. There will be 4 (#83103, #83023, #83100, #83091) other patches which are in varying stages of completion.

The UI patch (#83023) seems to be getting close to the final draught and the final screenshots will be added to the Abzilla website in the next few days. Experimental builds will also be posted to the website for this patch. #83103 (functionality to read Outlook express addressbooks) is finished and is being maintained so it will be ready to go once #78933 is in. #83100 (UI for adding Outlook and Outlook express addressbooks) and #83091 (funtionality to use auto-completion ldap entries) hasn't started but these are fairly minor patches and will not be started until #78933 is in. It is very hard to justify further work on this project while #78933 is still being delayed.

Evangelism Update
by Axel Hecht

Good news for mozilla has been dropped to the mailing list. There is a Netscape evangelist for Europe now. His name is Tristan Nitot, read more about him on his message to the list. He says "please feel free to contact Tristan if you have some time to spare and would like to help evangelize standards to webmasters and web developers so they stop using proprietary HTML tags that prevent Mozilla from displaying nicely such sites."

Mozdev Update
by David Boswell

This week mozdev announced the XBLref project, an XBL programming reference guide similar to the XULref. This is the 40th project to be hosted on the site. Mozdev launched in September of last year, so this means mozdev has averaged hosting a new project on the site about once a week. Some of the other projects recently started include rbXPCOM, a project creating a Ruby language interface to XPCOM; PubMed, a toolbar addition to the browser that allows easy access to the NLM-Medline database; and Abzilla which is working on enabling the Mozilla addressbook to read and write to LDAP and MAPI datasources.

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