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K-Meleon - Sebastian Späth

K-Meleon 0.4 is out

K-Meleon, the fast (Windows only) web browser based on mozilla has released a new version. This is based on the 0.9 release of mozilla so you can expect some major speed improvements and bug fixes.

Although the development of the GUI around mozilla has been driven further, a finer grained list of fixed bugs can be found at There we also have a list of bugs, which need to be addressed in the future.

Get it at and tell us what you like and don't like on our developer mailing list

DocZilla - Mårten Ström

Last week we started merging with Mozilla 0.9 and we noticed that there are some bigger changes in the interfaces this time. Before this we finalized our DocZilla search component, a search and indexing engine for full-text and structure-aware searches (XML/SGML/HMTL). The search hits are located and highlighted using XPointers (Child Sequences), this way you can locate any search hit without having id's everywhere. We have also looked at invoking third party graphic libraries (CGM, TIFF) and at different IETM solutions for automatically generating TOC's, gathering sets of documents, etc. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on, however the merge with Mozilla 0.9 now has got the top priority.

Links Panel - Eric Hodel

The Links Panel has been updated for the XUL syntax change, other than that I haven't touched it.

Link Element Toolbar - Eric Hodel

The Link Element Toolbar is an entirely different beast from the Links Panel. The Toolbar is a fix for bug 2800 (a start at least) and will display elements for fast document navigation.

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