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Independent Project Status Reports


RBase - Robert Kaiser

For everybody who hears of the project the first time: RBase is (or will/should be) a RDF database tool which will/should be able to provide a simple interface for creating and managing RDF datasources like databases.


I got some positive feedback about the idea to this project at our home page (, and Claus Augusti gave us a link to some sample code he used at his presentation at last year's european mozilla developer meeting.

We have a Roadmap now on which lists the steps (I think) we'll have to make to get this app working. It's still more a draft than final, so please give us your comments. I've filed bugs in MozDev BugZilla for all the issues in this list, please put comments there and feel free to file new bugs.

Second, we have our first pieces of code in MozDev CVS now! yay! What we have now is a basic window that shows some (currently dead) menu items in File menu, a dummy toolbar, and a dummy element we want our database table to go in in the future. If you want to see the code, look at


I'm still the only one working at this project, and I'm still a too weak developer (in knowledge and time scales) to do all the work alone, though Claus' code may help a bit on the knowledge side.

Most of the current code consists of placeholders and dummy elements.


Get *HELP* from other people.
We need your input! Come and join the team, comment on our plans and/or look at the bits of existing code!

Follow our Roadmap.

MozillaTranslator - Henrik Lynggaard

MozillaTranslator is a program to ease the localization of mozilla and other XUL based applications.

I have just released the first beta of version 5. it features:
  • handling of Platform neutral and specific files
  • handling of regional files.
Note: many of the functions of 4.x is not yet present in the version, since it is a total rewrite.

Mozdev - David Boswell

Over the past couple of weeks we've added a couple of projects to mozdev as well as added some new functionality. Annozilla and Stalemate were recently announced and we also installed Bonsai and an irc server ( on the site. oh yeah, we added a new easter egg to the site too ;-)

Annozilla - Matthew Wilson

Annozilla is a project to view annotations on the sidebar. It is based on the W3C Annotea project ( ), which stores annotations relating to a web page on a separate annotations server, described using RDF and XPointer. The currently released code will only work on builds before the XUL syntax changes (0.8.1 is OK), but provides a working interface to view annotations.

Future work will involve an interface to create annotations on a document, and to work with newer builds (including 0.9).

Jabberzilla - Eric Murphy

The client development is progressing again. Have had a couple of hiccups, but you will see a new release in hopefully a week.

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